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Mom's Winter Must Haves: Fair Isle.

This week LAURA from I Do DeClaire and I are styling probably the warmest, most snuggly, most winter-like item for Winter. That would be Fair Isle. I do apologize to Laura and all of you for posting quite late today (it will soon be midnight in Albania) but I welcomed the New Year sick. It went from bad to worse from yesterday to today and before I knew it I was sneezing, coughing, was feverish, had a headache and a back ache. After getting some rest and as I put Vivian to sleep, I am now finally posting. Anyway, on week one Laura and I styled Cozy Sweaters and Sweater Dresses, while on week two we styled Puffer Vests.
This week we have on very similar Black+White Fair Isle Sweaters with Snowflakes. Laura's has Cute Reindeer as well as Snowflakes. I absolutely love her Cozy Sweater Vest. I like how she layered it with another Sweater for a double warm factor as well as her Plaid Shirt, thus mixing Prints. Her Gold Watch & Camel Cords are perfect for Winter and I super love her …