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Casual Weekend Dress.

I have planned to schedule this Outfit ahead for a little while. This is a very Casual Dress which I wore in a Casual way, this time. But I could have added a Black, a White, a Cobalt or a Green Blazer and/or Cardigan to it. I could have done a Long Necklace or a Statement Necklace. I kept it simple and easy-breezy this time around. And finally Vivian is back here with her own outfit. =) I am sure she has been missed - she is too cute not to have been missed, I think.

F.Y.I. Since I have Bows on my Shoes, I tied the Rope Belt into a Bow and even Vivian has Bow Bunnies on her shoes, I am linking this up with Laura and Erin for their Trend Spin Link-up for Tuesday July 23rd which this week is Bows. =)

Royal Blue/Cobalt/Green/Teal Watercolor, Cotton Sundress w/ Ruffled Sleeves: Express. Faux Gold Necklace in Dainty Chain w/ Flower Charm: c/o Parfois (New). Royal Blue, Pearl, Stud Earrings: Viggos. Teal & Baby Pink, Glossy, Plastic Bangle Bracelets:A Jewelry Boutique. 3 Light Colored (Orang…