Thursday, October 31, 2019

Thursday Moda #190: A Poetry Inspired by Halloween.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN YOU ALL! I Hope your Halloween was great. It was very cold here and very rainy. and there was no trick or treating for us (Vivian is still sick). In the more northern parts of Michigan it snowed for the first time today. I am posting very late today as I already launched my newest Thursday Moda linkup last night. But, I just wrote this poem which I left untitled. Could you think of a title?! But I will tell you what?! This little poetry today was inspired by Halloween, and not just because today is Halloween. There are many symbols to Halloween, including the 'different faces' we wear or mask ourselves with on Halloween. I took the metaphor "Faces in Places" and ran with it!

[Written on Halloween 2019, 11.15 P.M.]

Faces in places, creating menaces,
playing dominoes, loosing in the middle of the chaos,
resting and never-stopping, eye-to-eye lying,
forgiving and forgetting, mistaking and regretting...

People in the middle and on the side, full of insight,
drinking their morning coffee with a touch of vanilla, milk or toffee,
driving and driving in busy streets and freeways striving,
making it ahead as they feel left behind instead...

Causes and losses, retreats and defeats,
oceans filled with deep emotions,
of people who have won and lost, 
some are reborn, some are toast...

New sons and daughters born each day,
making waves in the depth of each life path,
their little eyes seeing the world for the first time,
eager to one day make it, but will it be enough?!

As time moves like sand through the hourglass
and each 24 hours passes, passes, pass...
as everyday faces take their everyday places,
be it at home, at school or at work,
as we continue falling and rising like dominoes,
don't be eaten up alive, challenge the chaos...
because you only have one life, this life,
you only have one chance, it could be a few years or a lot...


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