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Story of My Life - Poem.

Sometimes the best poems are written within 10 or 15 spare minutes you may have, as you didn't even think you were going to write down any verses. As a matter of fact I just wrote this. My lap-top currently has over 25 open windows and I am trying to do my job as well. But when inspiration comes - grab it and don't let go! I love, love, love how this poem turned out. I think EVERYONE OF US can find a piece of themselves here. I am sure I am right. Read on and let me know how you like it. =) Happy Tuesday!

STORY  OF  MY  LIFE. [10.15 A.M. March 25th 2019.]
When your conscience is clean and your heart is broken into pieces, when you loved him and he left you shattered from the inside, when you remembered the good times you two had but haven't yet moved on, when you felt betrayal that cut deep and bloody like a knife...
When your nights feel long and lonely, and the days feel boring and sad, when the healing you are seeking is harder than you thought, when you can't conceal all th…