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Thursday Moda #156: Sporty Winter.

Good morning you all. I have a simple yet put-together Athleisure Sporty Look today that is pretty monochromatic in neutrals: taupe, grey, white and blush pink. I took a lot of photos because it was a pretty day full of natural light. The sun was shining bright over the few patches of snow that were left. It snowed at least two more times since then and currently we have 2-3 inches out there.
SPORTY  WINTER. I am wearing my Light Grey Skinny Moto Jeans by Target which I paired with this Pretty Frayed-Hem Sweater by Loft. I love this sweater so much. The color is between a beige and grey or greige. For a comfortable day off filled with errands I wore my Perforated New Balance White Leather Sneakers. On top I have on my Beautiful Millennial Pink Puffer Jacket by Land's End. Since this outfit has mostly monochromatic, neutral colors I wanted to add a pop of color or two so I wore a deep red (almost burgundy) lipstick and my Mauve-ish Red Sunglasses by Ann Taylor. I love how the outfit …