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Cozy Fall Colors on Christmas Time.

Merry Christmas Girls and Girlfriends!! It is Christmas Eve! WOW the year flew by, for sure.Are you ready to tackle a New Year? What are your plans/celebrations during this last week of December? Any traditions, gifts, interesting things you do on Christams Eve, Christmas Day or New Year's Eve?

So as I was saying this year went by FAAAAAAAST. Though at times - for me - it felt like it didn't. Summer felt way too long (which it was 5+ months), and it was real hot so being pregnant it felt even longer & humid & miserable. Anyway, some of you took the day or days (today & tomorrow off) to spend time with your families, cook, eat, relax and be away from the internet world altogether. Well, it is regular business here in my blog as it is here in Albania because December 24th is just another day here. Yes, it is Christmas Eve but unfortunately not a day this country celebrates. However between all the decor in the city, the lights, garlands, wreaths, crazy shopping, gift…