Friday, January 4, 2013

Charcoal Shirtdress layered with a Turtleneck.

Good Evening. Did you have a Good Friday? The first weekend of the year is upon us. I organized a bunch of my clothes today. I folded most sweaters and put them in my closet (they will be worn at least until April), I got out most of my cardigans and I also got out some tees and tops that I will wear later after my Pregnancy. I made ready my closet post-pregnancy let's say. I still have to do some more clothes organizing. We have a metallic, strolling big thing where you hang clothes too (like they do in stores) that we are closing off and putting away. Because that is the place where the baby's bed/crib is going to go. We only have a one-bedroom apartment so till we get another bigger apartment (probably after a year from now) we have to make do with the space we got. That is large city-living in Tirana, the capital of Albania. That is Europe living - I miss the space we had in USA. Space is a luxury here - a huge luxury. Sometimes I wonder where I fit/put all of my clothes. Thank God for plastic storage boxes & luggages.

This is the first time I unrolled the sleeves to this shirt-dress and let them hang down. To winterize the look and make it warmer, I added a thin turtleneck underneath it, to which I pinned a cute pearl/beaded brooch. Also my feet were kept warm with my faux fur-lined boots.

Comfortable, Cotton, Teal & Magenta Turtleneck: Calliope.
Black, Elastic Synthetic Leggings w/ Zippers off the Side: Express.
Dark Gray, Breezy, Empire-Waist Shirtdress: Calliope.
Multi-Colored Bobble and Beaded Brooch: Bijoutiful.
Leopard-Print, Navy, Beige & Brown Headband: Bijoux & Accessories.
Off-Black, Cozy, Leather Boots w/ Winter White Faux Fur Inside: Skechers.
P.S. I am linking up today with Pretty, Tall Tunde.