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Firmoo Giveaway.

Earlier this year in the Spring, Firmoo sent me a pair of glasses of my choice. Now, I do not wear contacts or glasses, but I wanted some fun, modern glasses and I am so happy Firmoo contacted me and I was able to pick up a non-prescription pair. Today, Firmoo has partnered up with me, so you can win your own free pair of Glasses from them and trust me you want to win a pair because they have gorgeous glasses: prescription or non, reading glasses and even stylish sunglasses.
Now, why you should own a pair of glasses from Firmoo (besides the fact that you can win them for free via my giveaway), today?
Firmoo is probably the most popular online glasses' company. They have a very large selection for both men and women, and as I mentioned they can be prescription, non-prescription or even sunglasses. On the plus side, they have an entire page of glasses specially selected for bloggers. But the thing I like most about their website and how they work is that you can do a free virtual try-…

Guest Post: Rachel and Her Two Little Girls.

Hello guys and TGIF. Today, let's welcome my blogging buddy Rachel who is a mom of four little ones. I don't know how she finds time to always look stylish and attend to 4 kids at the same time. I only have one and I find it difficult at times. Though Rachel's blog is mostly about her personal style, she also writes about her personal life, her relationship with her husband, her faith, some home+DIY posts and more. So make sure you visit her creative life+style blog after you read this post here, today. Thank you.

I would like to thank Ada for having me guest post on her blog today as I admire how she finds creative ways to mix and match items in her wardrobe while combining her love of fashion and elegance without breaking the bank and featuring her little Vivian. In honor of how Ada does her outfit posts with sweet Vivian in toe I thought it would be neat to bring my two girls, Nevaeh (age 6) and Elizabeth (age 2) into today's outfit post. Before I get st…