Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fashion Fall Colors Challenge 2012: GRAY!!

Good Morning to you on this warm, sunny Sunday from Tirana, Albania. =) I am "stuck" at work yet another Saturday, pulling a 12-hour day nevertheless (really it's 14+ hours, since it takes me over two hours to get to and from work). I am posting today the Last Day of the Fall Colors Challenge 2012 I participated in, this week.

Like many of you, I own a ton of Gray. And to tell you the truth, I found this the easiest day of the Challenge (Gray was saved for last, for this reason, perhaps?!), out of all 5 of them. This is also the most neutral, basic color out of all the 5 that were choosen: Teal, Wine, Pumpkin, Mustard & Gray. You all know by now my love of sweater dresses. This elbow-sleeve, cowl-neck sweater dress was picked up on a whim, last Winter on a Sweater Dress shopping spree at a store in Albania. It was a size Medium and at least a size too big for me. But I loved the cable-knit design, the button cuff detail on the sleeves and the color, plus the price was 19 bucks so I figured I would make it work. I only wore it once or twice last Winter season, both times belted if I remember correctly. This time around I am pregnant so this dress and the fact that it was large on me originally, worked on my round tummy. =) The look was kept monochromatic with darker-gray tights, and even a gray fleece jacket (for outside). The little bow hairclips are between a gray & a pewter. And my only hint of makeup was a pretty & bright pink lipstick. Pink is one of the colors best suited to pair Gray with. Do you like the results? How did you find this challenge? What color/day did you have the hardest time with? Below I will also post a round-up of my outfits featuring each color and I will tell you which one was my favorite and why. =)

Gray, Short-Sleeve, Cable-Knit, Sweater Dress: Line 1900 (this is basically a line of stores in Tirana, where everything equals 19$.)
Gray, Zippered, Fleece Jacket: Aeropostale.
Silver, Flower-Stud Earrings w/ Little Pearls in the Middle: Parfois.
Patent Leather, Pewter, Bow-Shaped Hair Clips: Express.
Dark Gray, Soft Knit, Sweater Tights: Golden Point.
Black, Suede Leather, Light Loafers, Featuring a Buckle Detail: St. John's Bay (JC Penney).
This was Round 5 of the Challenge for this week: Friday, November 16th. As you can tell out of all these colors today the color was GRAY.

So, I found this challenge more challenging than the one I did back in June. Back then I was just a few weeks pregnant, so ALL my clothes fit. Plus I have Summer Clothes in all colors. This time around I was 7 months pregnant and while doing the challenge and following the colors each day of the week, I also had to accomodate my curves and my growing, round belly. If I were to pick a favorite outfit, I would say the one from Tuesday featuring the color WINE. I love the simplicity of the outfit and how I made two different shades of wine work together. Also, adding another strong color - Baby Pink - made the outfit stand out even more. I also liked the subtle mix of Plaid which featured more burgundy. A very close, second favorite would be this outfit here, wearing GRAY. I like how monochromatic yet not-boring, girly & elegant this outfit is.
Here is a Colage of all the Looks from this week. Wishing you All a Fabulous Fall Weekend!!