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Fashion Fall Colors Challenge 2012: GRAY!!

Good Morning to you on this warm, sunny Sunday from Tirana, Albania. =) I am "stuck" at work yet another Saturday, pulling a 12-hour day nevertheless (really it's 14+ hours, since it takes me over two hours to get to and from work). I am posting today the Last Day of the Fall Colors Challenge 2012 I participated in, this week.

Like many of you, I own a ton of Gray. And to tell you the truth, I found this the easiest day of the Challenge (Gray was saved for last, for this reason, perhaps?!), out of all 5 of them. This is also the most neutral, basic color out of all the 5 that were choosen: Teal, Wine, Pumpkin, Mustard & Gray. You all know by now my love of sweater dresses. This elbow-sleeve, cowl-neck sweater dress was picked up on a whim, last Winter on a Sweater Dress shopping spree at a store in Albania. It was a size Medium and at least a size too big for me. But I loved the cable-knit design, the button cuff detail on the sleeves and the color, plus the price w…