Sunday, February 14, 2016

My Valentine-themed Hot Cocoa, Coffee and Chocolate Bar.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! Hope love reigns your hearts and your homes, today and always!

Today is the perfect day for me to share my Valentine-themed Hot Cocoa, Coffee and Chocolate Bar, too. This is so far this year my favorite project and DIY of 2016. I love it so much. Two months ago, during one of my Christmas Home Tours I shared the little Christmas Coffee Bar I created on top of one of the kitchen counters (pictured below). So, inspired by my own previous Coffee Bar and since I love red and hearts I decided to create a Valentine-themed one this February. I got even more inspired when I visited Target because I found everything I needed for this project in their Dollar Spot aisles (you know where everything is either $1.00 or $3.00). Oh Target, you get me all the time. Almost all the new things I bought to create my Cocoa Bar came either from Target or Walmart.
My Coffee Bar from Christmas 2015.

Below, are some of the items I used to create my Hot Cocoa, Coffee and Chocolate Bar.
The white jars with chalk-board writing are from Target. I put sugar in one of them and cocoa on the other. These jars are super cute. I decided to get a pink cover one and a red cover one. The Salted Caramel Candle and the Iced Pineapple candle are also from Target. The white cup with red heart cut-outs is from Target and that is where I put the straws. The clear heart-patterned bin with the red cover is from Wal Mart and that is where I put all my Lindor truffles (pictured below).

I went on a chocolate shopping spree at Wal Mart too and got all of these boxes of Lindor Truffles. Lindor Chocolate truffles are my most favorites, especially the ones in the dark chocolate or the milk chocolate ones. For Valentine they came up with some special ones: white chocolate with raspberry and milk chocolate with strawberry ones. I used Hershey Cocoa for the drinks and of course some Hershey Kisses candy (in red wraps). Even the Bunn coffee-maker is new. We got it right before Christmas.

Red+white striped straws, tan+red heart straws and red+white polka dot straws are all from Target. These paper straws were so cute and perfect to sip hot chocolate with.

I alternated two ivory mugs (we already owned) with two heart mugs. The white one with the red hearts is from Target and the black+white polka dot one with the big red heart in the middle is from a local dollar store. I put this bar together a couple of weeks ago and of course had to take pictures right away while it was still pretty. Vivian of course was in the way so I only lit the candles for one of the pictures since her grabby little hands wanted to touch the candles lol.

This 'sweet' candy towel is perfect for this time of the year and for this Valentine-themed Cocoa Bar. I made the banner using hot pink paper hearts I also purchased at Target. I simply used clear tape and taped each heart together from the back. It was so easy and came out looking adorable.

Valentine-themed Hot Cocoa, Coffee and Chocolate Bar.

Ha, maybe I should have put cookies too and then it would have been the perfect 4 Cs: Cocoa, Coffee, Chocolate and Cookies. But with all the candy I got going on, I think there were plenty of sweets. I placed everything on top of two burgundy napkins which I placed one on top of the other as diamond shapes. The fuchsia clear jar (new from Target) I used to put the spoons in. I used the white cup with the red cut-outs to put the straws in. In the Mason glass (towards the back) there is coffee and a couple of other Mason jars are filled with Hershey Kisses. Then I used some of the clear glass jars (I already had) for different things. One is for marshmallows (I tied a pink+white+red striped ribbon around it into a bow, purchased this year from Wal Mart), one is for creamer, one is for red M&Ms and the large one on the right side I put some different tea bags in it, too. Also that stainless silver tin is actually a powder sugar shaker.

Here are a couple more photos from my festive red Valentine Cocoa, Chocolate and Coffee Bar. Hope you liked it. Now come on over and let's have a cup of hot cocoa or coffee together. It is very cold outside.

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