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A Summer Friday Girls Night Out in Milford.

A  SUMMER  FRIDAY  NIGHT  OUT  IN  MILFORD. Summertime is about spending a lot more time outdoors, enjoying the sun, the good weather and the longer days, eating and drinking outside on the patio, walking more, visiting cute places and down-towns and having more Girls Nights Out. Last Friday night I did just that with my girls (some of my cousins and my daughter Vivian); we dined in an indoor/outdoor patio, talked a lot, walked a little, caught up, celebrated life and took a few pictures, of course. Everyone looked great too, my cousins and cousins-in-law are all very stylish and dress well! Milford, MICHIGAN is a city very close to all of us and it has a cute down-town, it has a bunch of restaurants and honestly they are all very good and all private-owned (no chain restaurants around here), we all love it! You have seen this city before in my posts, including last Summer. We had more girls' nights out and date nights with Vivian there, last year. 
I decided to dress up a little bi…