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Simply a Denim Skirt, Two Ways.

Denim Skirts have always been in style. I have had several through the years. Mostly in the Pencil Silhouette, but also Girly, Flirty ones like this. I have had this on my closet for about 3-4 years. It is from Wal Mart. I paid about 7 bucks for it. When I re-wore it again (this time) after over 2 years, I am not sure I liked it, but then I saw a very similar skirt that is currently selling at Old Navy. Plus this style resembles a little the very popular Skater Skirts that are all the rage, now. What do you think of this Skirt? It is cute enough, casual enough. Should I purge it or keep it? I first paired it with a simple White Camisole with touches of Bright Yellow (Neon if you will). Then, 10 days later I wore it with a Graphic Tee. I wore this Graphic Tee, a day after I last wore a Graphic Tee (with my Olive Green Cargos). I guess I was feeling in the Graphic Mood. They are very stylish now, but then again I have worn Graphic T-Shirts for years.

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