Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun Fall Shoot.

One of the things I like to do the most during this gorgeous Autumnal Season is taking photos. There is so much beauty in the nature, so many leaves that captivate a story, as well as my mind - I can't help it. I am told that I am a photogenic girl and God knows I love having my photo taken. But at the same time, I am pretty good behind the camera too and I love taking/shooting photos myself, just as much as being in them. =] We had a little fun photo-shoot in the  among the falling leaves (my husband and I). These photos are just *some* of the results. Enjoy them!!

The Photo-shoot started spontaneously, inside (in the bathroom LOL) as I was getting ready, and we then went outside, to experience the Gorgeousness that is Fall in Michigan.
I had to take some photos of my hubby, too, of course. So photographers and models switched parts. ;-)
He is quite A LOOKER isn't he? Ahhh, I am a LUCKY Girl.<3
Ending this album with a couple of pics snapped by my husband's hand, of both of us, of course.
Navy Corduroy Blazer: INC (from Macy's.)
Shimmery Seafoam Tank-top: Guess.
Olive Green, Cargo Pants w/ Fun Buckles & Hardware Detail: TJ Maxx.
Long, Silvery Plastic Bobble Necklace: The Limited.
Gold Chain, Gold & Silver Rhinestone "Skull" Pendant Necklace: Incognito Boutique (in Royal Oak, Michigan).
"Newspaper-Print" Pointy Booties: A Boutique in Albania.