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Renegades - Poetry.

RENEGADES. [Poetry.] 12.20 P.M. July 29th 2019.

Drink up buttercup, add a sunny mimosa to your morning, add a cherry to the dessert on top, because life is too short to make it boring!
No need to feel sorry for yourself when the day is tough on you, there is a brave beast inside you so tough and brave, bring it out and roar like the Lion King!
And when life throws you lemons make the sweetest lemonade, grab all your forces, ideas and passions, don't give up because you are a renegade!
Renegades survive through the good and the bad, when it gets tough the tough gets going, they know no tears when they get sad but even if the cry, they stand up and keep continuing...
They keep loving when love seems far away, when the days are long and the nights feel even longer, they kick up their heels and walk towards chasing dreams, renegades are forces to be reckoned with!
Just like you, just like me, a woman, a mom, a member of 'the weak' gender, renegades are the ones that were once …