Tuesday, January 21, 2014

50 Shades of Green.

Hello and Happy Tuesday. It is one of the coldest days we have been experiencing this Winter. But in general it has been very mild. Today is cold, windy, rainy. I might just never take my pajamas off and stay home. Anyway, I didn't mean to be MIA on a Monday but I had a super busy weekend being Vivian's First Birthday as you all know, and yesterday slipped away from me before I knew it. In the afternoon we had some little girls from the neighborhood stop by for Vivian's Birthday. Later in the evening, I got ready the photos for today's post but since Vivian was sleeping and my eyes were shutting down, I decided to sleep as well. I do not want this blog to become a chore, so if I will get tired or busy (because I am a human being after all) I won't post. I will use that time to take a nap if I can or spend it with my beautiful daughter. In case you missed it Sunday's Post was a very special one, dedicated to Vivian. Thank you to all of you who commented, wished her a Happy Birthday and for liking all the photos and all the compliments about her. I appreciate it. If you haven't seen that post yet, read it. I bet it will put a smile on your face, especially if you are a Mother yourself. =)

Before I move on to the OOTD (worn on January 16th to be exact), you may have noticed by our family photo yesterday that I cut my hair. I chopped off about 7-8 inches and even got a few Red & Caramel Highlights. What do you think? Now about the Outfit today, can you count how many Green items I have on? LOL It is 6. Shoes (Olive), Tights (Hunter), Pants (Olive), Tunic (Emerald), Necklace (Hunter) and Flower (Light Olive). When Laura's E-Mail informed me last week that this week's trend for Trend Spin, would be the color Emerald, I was happy and exciting because I finally gave this Gorgeous, Silk Tunic (which has been sitting with tags on, in my closet, for two years), a chance. I don't know why I do that!?! Or at least I used to do that. Buy something that I absolutely loved or had to have and not wear it. Am I alone in this? This Tunic is beautiful with a Lace band on the bottom, a silk bow tie around it and the Beautiful Rosettes on the shoulders. I have to make more efforts wearing it this upcoming Spring. This time, I wanted to go for a Green head-to-toe look. I even cuffed the Pants to show you a peek of my Hunter Green Tights. This is a mostly Monochrome Look but because the Green of the Pants and that of the Top are quite different, it is also a Color-block. These Pants have become a closet staple in my wardrobe, lately. For Mix it Mondays, I will show you 3 more ways how I have worn these Pants. I layered a couple of Necklaces but I should have just stuck to the long Gold one. Also, the Silk Flower in my hair looks like an after-thought. It looked better in real life than it does in pictures (looks like it is falling off). But rather than taking off these 2 Accessories, the Outfit is not too shabby, right? Tell me the truth.
Emerald Silk Tunic w/ Lace Bottom  & Rosettes on the Shoulders: A French Boutique (New).
Olive Green, Ankle-Length, Cargo, Skinny Pants: Gap.
Gold Button, "Channel" Logo, Stud Earrings: A Random Boutique (New).
Gold, Woven Chain, Long Necklace w/ Intricate Bow w/ Crystals: c/o a Local Boutique.
Gold Chain, Statement Necklace w/ Forest Green, Teardrop Stones: Francesca's Collection (New).
Light Olive, Silk, Flower Pin: Ann Taylor LOFT.
Hunter Green, Opaque Tights: Pompea (New).
Olive Green, Wedge, Oxford Booties: Old Navy.

Here are 3 other ways I have worn/remixed my Olive Green Skinny Pants.
  1, 2, 3.

 P.S. Besides Trend Spin & Mix It Mondays, I am also linking with Bloom, Style Sessions, Stylish Tuesday and Totally Posted Tuesday. Also, tomorrow we have another Mom's Winter Must Haves with LAURA from I Do DeClaire. Stay tuned and thank you for reading.