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Neon Pink Monochrome.

Who likes Pink? The better question would be what woman doesn't? I will be honest with you - I like Pink but it is not my Most Favorite Color. Neither do I wear it a lot. As a matter of fact 5 years ago or earlier I barely had much Pink in my closet. Then, in 2008, it ended up being the Color of the year so BAM!! I bought a bunch. And, fast forward to 2013 when Neon is the biggest trend happening, I added more Pink to my closet: Neon Pink. In Jewelry and Shoes (like the ones I am wearing) - small doses. In Clothing like these Neon Dye Khaki Pants - big doses. And now that I am going through my closet like a mad woman and purging as much as I can, I am finding little gems including lots of Cute Blouses like the one I am wearing today. The Ruffles add more Girly appeal on top of the Bright Pink. Though the Top is between a Pink & Coral, altogether this is a Monochrome Neon Pink Look, perfect for this week's Trend Spin Link-up. And this Outfit was worn today. The day started …