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Farewell 2011!!!

Good Morning World. Good Morning Fashion Bloggers. It is officially 8.48 AM here in Albania - the country of the Eagles. Which means we are about 13 hours away from saying Farewell to 2011 and welcoming a brand new year - 2012. Are you guys excited, nervous, hopeful, happy for the New Year? Who believes December 31st 2012 will be the end of the world, the story of destruction? I sure don't believe it and neither do I ever think about this. But if that is the case let make 2012 OUR BEST YEAR YET!!

I don't know about you guys but almost every year the last 2-3 days of the year are always sooooo darn busy for me. It seems like I always have a million things to do and a million and one things I still need to do and/or forget to do and it is so crazy and definitely not relaxing!!? Murphy, you are not my friend at all. =D Happy New Year to Me! With that said, I have so much I MUST DO today, so many errands still to do, a lot of house-work and trying on my entire outfit before I put…