Friday, March 1, 2013

Flashback Friday: Purples and Neutrals.

HELLO FRIENDS & FELLOW BLOGGERS & TGIF!! I woke up to Gorgeous, Sunshiny Weather Today as well as a Happy, Smiling Baby. I am so looking forward to Spring - it sure feels like it today - so I can stroll around with My Sweet Vivian. I cannot wait to take her out, today. I am even wearing a dress today. This weather today is totally inspiring me so I am wearing a dress for the First time after my Pregnancy. It is also quite a short, mini dress in a Bold Magenta Color nevertheless - I am being DARING! Can you guys believe is March 1st? It is the first official month of Spring. =) And soon May will be here - that is My Most Favorite Month, though now that I have a Baby, I might make January my Favorite Month since that is when Vivian is born.

You guys, starting today, on the Month of March I am starting a New Feature called "Flashback Friday" where most Fridays I will post an outfit from anywhere from a couple of months ago to 5-6 years ago. For most outfits I only have one single photo/shot, because back then I wasn't a Fashion Blogger who would take daily pictures and different shots and angles. LOL I will also tell you the reason why I pick to show each Flashback Outfit that I do.

Today I chose this outfit because of how chic it is, yet colorful. I think this outfit is from 2008, Early Fall of 2007. I still own the Cardigan & Booties of course. I like how I paired the neutral Nude/Beige tones (on the bottom) with a Pretty Violet Cardigan and a Pink/Navy Silky Scarf, from the waist up. I wish you could see the pants better. They are a light Beige color, almost Nude with thin Pinstripes and across the waist they have a cool Cris-cross Waist Band, really cool & Elegant and believe it or not these are from Wet Seal from like 2006 when Wet Seal wasn't as much a store just for Teenagers. I have worn these pants to my office job many times. I hope you like my Flashback Friday Outfits. Here is the first one:

3/4-Sleeve, Silk Knit, Violet Cardigan: Express.
Hot Pink & Navy, Square-Print, Geometric, Silky Scarf: Old Navy.
Light Beige, Pinstripe, Cris-Cross Waist Band, Cotton-Blend Stretchy Pants: Wet Seal.
Faux Pearl Drop Earrings: Forever 21.
Magenta & Black, Python-Print, Skinny Headband: Express.
Winter White, Round Toe, Patent Leather Booties: Forever 21.
When: Early October 2008.
Where: Date Night with Husband @ BAR LOUIS in Michigan.
P.S. Linking Up today with Tunde of Casual Chic Mom, for Favorite Frock Fridays.