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Brights and Black Lace Tights.

I love warm weather. I also love seasons. But there is something about Spring that makes me happy. I wore Floral again today. I picked a Floral Skirt to pair with a cardigan. =) And I put Vivian in Pastel Pink & Pastel Yellow. She looked like a doll. You will get to see that outfit soon, however as always I am behind with outfit posting so you will see a look from a little earlier.

I wore this on a Sunday a couple of weeks ago, where My Husband, Vivian & I met a Friend of ours from New Jersey who had come to visit family in Albania. We met Keti at the Cafe located on the bottom level of the building where we live at. Our friend Keti came bearing gifts for Vivian too: a So-Pretty Lavender Dress with Multi-Colored Stripes on the Skirt part, a Stuffed Animal, a Beautiful Card, Candy (which Mommy & Dad ate LOL) and some money which went into Vivian's Piggy Bank. Keti fell in love with Baby Viv. It was one of the Warmest day of this Spring so far, so I opted for Flats with …