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Recapping My Style from 2017: #bestnine Looks.

I only joined Instagram last year so I am still new-ish to Instagram but I love their #bestnine hashtag they came up with. I also love seeing everyone's #bestnine hashtags as everyone counts their best special moments of the year they are leaving behind. So, since the year is wrapping up by the minute here, I am going down memory lane and counting My Most Favorite Outfits of 2017 that I blogged, because in all honesty I haven't blogged over 40 outfits I wore in 2017 (due to not having time - story of my life). If I could describe my #bestnine collage in just a few words they would be: cute skirts, red, floral and LBDs. 

As a matter of fact if I could describe my style in terms of what I wore the most in 2017, the top 9 words I would use are: athleisure, skirts, dresses, little red dresses, little black dresses, floral, leggings, sneakers and accessories. Everyone that knows me and my style well, knows that I am a huge fan and wear a lot of dresses and skirts, so (even though it…

My Christmasy Candy Cane, Cocoa, Chocolate Truffles, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Hot Tea Bar.

A new year is upon us hours - just hours away. And I realize this post is quite late but better late then never I guess. When I shared my Christmasy Candy, Cocoa, Chocolate and Coffee before on the blog (last year and the previous December too) you loved it, so for your inspiration I am sharing it again this year. This time my Hot Drinks+Sweets bar is a Christmasy Candy Cane, Cocoa, Chocolate Truffles, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Hot Tea Bar.
Let's walk you through everything. The Cocoa+Chocolate+Coffee bar includes (from left to right): a snowman mug with a vanilla candle inside (which I forgot to light); a clear Mason jar filled with yummy, colorful, fruity-flavored candy canes; behind the candy cane jar I have a crystal sweets stand filled with Godiva goodies like chocolate-covered cookies, truffles and chocolate-covered pretzels; a jar of sugar; my collection of Christmas mugs (all 10 of them) and they are all different-patterned; a bottle of Liquer to add to your hot coffee drin…

Thursday Moda #95: Kicking It for New Year's Eve in Skirts and Heels.

Welcome to the 95th and last Thursday Moda of 2017. Hard to believe that a bright, shiny, sparkling New Year is just 4 days away! So on that note, Happy 2018 to all! Do you have plans for the big night?! What will you be wearing?! Well, stay tuned and read on because I got on an outfit suited for New Year's Eve, once again with a mini skirt and a top tucked in - just like yesterday's outfit - but unlike yesterday's dressy, fancy New Year's Eve look, today's outfit is a little bit more casual though I still wore some heels and lots of texture.
Today my Co-Host is a woman I am proud to call my friend, someone I have been friends with and kept in touch with a lot over the last 1.5 years. I am  talking about SHELBEE from Shelbee On the Edge. Dear Shelbee and I have collaborated more than I have collaborated with anyone else in 2017, including all the 6 collabs in "The Holiday Series", all the 3 collabs in "The September Issue" as well as my annual &q…