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Currently, May 2017.

You all know that May is my birthday month. What you may not know is that I share the same birthday month with my husband. As a matter of fact his birthday was yesterday - two days after mine, on May 6th. So happy belated birthday to my love!! I am doing another monthly currently post and linking up with Anne.

baking:nothing, I am not a baker, I wish. But I have been buying some of the little mini yellow cakes that are shaped like cups and I fill them up with fresh strawberries cut up really small and some whipped cream (the thick condensed kind) on top. Sometimes I add chocolate syrup, caramel or honey on top. So yummy! 

listening: (this very moment that I am typing this) to Camila Cabello - never seen or heard before as a singer but she sings quite well - at the MTV Movie Awards, live. It has probably been ten years that I haven't watched the MTV (Movie & TV Awards) and I had no idea that they were held outside but it seems like a cool show.

loving:all the flowers that are bloo…