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Patterned Leggings + Morning Coffee and Limited Time.

Guys I am so busy, but I am ambitious. I have been posting almost every day this month of April and on top of that have found time (though it takes me different intervals of time & several breaks, sometimes I start writing it as early as Friday) to write my weekly Sunday Feature "Week's Best Looks" which is by far the most time-consuming, most ambitious post each week. Even if there were 28 hours in the day rather than 24 I would find something to keep me busy in all of them. Let's see first and foremost I take care of a young baby - the hardest job I have ever done so far, though the most rewarding. I also cook, clean, dust, do laundry, fold clothes, iron, organize, wash dishes, take care of my husband, grocery-shop, etc. And most importantly I still find time to eat, drink, sleep, use the restroom & shower myself. When I take pictures of my outfits (at home) and when I write my blog posts that is my Me Time. And let me tell you guys this Me Time is very rar…