Monday, April 29, 2013

Patterned Leggings + Morning Coffee and Limited Time.

Guys I am so busy, but I am ambitious. I have been posting almost every day this month of April and on top of that have found time (though it takes me different intervals of time & several breaks, sometimes I start writing it as early as Friday) to write my weekly Sunday Feature "Week's Best Looks" which is by far the most time-consuming, most ambitious post each week. Even if there were 28 hours in the day rather than 24 I would find something to keep me busy in all of them. Let's see first and foremost I take care of a young baby - the hardest job I have ever done so far, though the most rewarding. I also cook, clean, dust, do laundry, fold clothes, iron, organize, wash dishes, take care of my husband, grocery-shop, etc. And most importantly I still find time to eat, drink, sleep, use the restroom & shower myself. When I take pictures of my outfits (at home) and when I write my blog posts that is my Me Time. And let me tell you guys this Me Time is very rare and far more important plus crucial when you have a little baby. My Baby Girl is still very young & cries a lot. Let me tell you guys Babies are Needy! I love my Sweet Vivian to death, I would go to moon & back for her, I would risk my life for her, but I am just stating the plain truth & being honest here.

I live in one of the largest apartment complexes in Albania (in the capital city Tirana). It is a very nice neighborhood & a Gated Community. We definitely feel safe in here. The best part is the building we live in has several super-markets/grocery stores, a couple of fresh produce markets, a couple of different pharmacies, several different banks, a Money Gram, Western Union, a couple of clothing boutiques, a Spa, 2 hair Salons, a Pizza Restaurant, Fast-Food place, a couple of Bakery's & 2 Caffe-Bar places right there. There is even a place where children get to play inside (an indoors kids' entertainment area), as well as a Children's/Babies Boutique. You don't have to go far to get your necessities, run your daily errands, get your groceries & such. So, almost every day, especially when it was nice out (no rain) I would take my girl in her stroller and would go outside to have my morning or late morning coffee & even shopped for anything we may needed at the super-market or fresh produce market. Lately, I have worn fancier outfits even to go to such places, after all my life is simpler now as a Mom and I do want to wear my clothes, even if it means getting dressed up sometimes. But sometimes, cozy, casual, clothes that breathe & you would lay around your house in, are just what the doctor ordered. This is the case for the 2 outfits below. And I am playing catch-up because these are never-before posted looks from March.

The Patterned Leggings I purchased in January have gotten several wears each. I wore both outfits below to have my Morning Coffee and catch the first rays of Sun with my girl. The first outfit is Neutral between the Wheat, Off-White, Mocha, Latte, Olive & Brown Colors. The second outfit is more Colorful & more 'Print-Crazy' because there are polka dots, circles, stripes & flowers in the mix. Besides the Leggings, another thing this outfits have in common is the open, Fly-away Cardigans. The are both layered, also. Which pair of Leggings is Your Favorite?

And, did you check out this post? It is the latest on Vivian filled with a Lot of Photos & Baby Love. =) All of you who have E-Mailed me Your Styled Birthday Outfits for my Birthday Blog Post this week - Thank You Kindly. I am looking forward to more outfits & to that post. I will run the post on Sunday May 5th so keep the outfits coming & don't forget to link up that day or the next day when you post. You can also grab one of the Fun Birthday Buttons I created (listed below). Thanks.

Camel, Linen/Cotton Blend, Belted, Open Cardigan: Victoria's Secret.
Off-White, Cotton Tunic w/ 3D Flowers by the Neckline: Gruppo Fiori.
Brown/Beige/Olive Paisley-Print Leggings: Terra Nova.
Delicate, Gold Chain Necklace w/ Small Heart-Shaped Pink Topaz Stone: Lord & Taylor.
Drop Earrings w/ Small Circle, Champagne/Pastel Orange Stone: Gifted from My Mother-in-Law.
Olive Green, Wedge, Oxford Booties: Old Navy.

Blue Tank w/ Gray & White Circles & Dots: Gruppo Fiori.
Black+White Stripped, Open Cardigan w/ Ruffle Around the Front: White House Black Market.
Linen/Cotton blend, Gauzy, Gray Scarf w/ Purple/Green Watercolor Florals: H&M (Borrowed by My Sister-in-Law).
Gray, Zippered, Fleeze Jacket: Aeropostale.
Gray & Black Polka Dot Leggings: Calliope.
Brown & Beige, Micro-Suede Sneakers: Payless.