Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Why I Won't Be Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.


Unless you live under a rock lol (that's supposed to be a joke so please take it as one, I am not trying to offend anyone), if you are a blogger or an Instagrammer, you know that from this Friday July 12th, starts the annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, otherwise known as the NSale (#nsale). What is unique about this sale is that in order to celebrate its anniversary each year, Nordstrom does a big sale every July where all the items/merchandise for sale are new pieces for the new season and the next season is Fall, so it is not a clear-the-season type of sale Honestly, you can find a lot of pieces for both Fall and Winter that will be discounted at about 30 to 45% OFF during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which is actually open to card-holders that hold the "ambassador" or "icon" title as I am typing this and will be open for all card-holders this coming Friday and for ALL public next Friday.

But despite the lower prices and such a good sale, I don't plan on shopping the Nordstrom Sale this year, not at all. I won't even look at it. I will probably skip all the gazillion Insta Stories from every blogger and influencer and skip through all the links they will link to, for the items they are picking up. I will get to my reasons as to why I won't shop it. But first let me tell you: I like Nordstrom. For the most part, their prices are not in my budget but when they have a good sale, they have a good sale. Plus their return policy anAd customer service is unlike any other and all experiences I have had shopping with them both in store or shopping online, has been very good and a positive, enjoyable experience. 

But I will not shop the #NSale just like I didn't last year. First of all, IT IS STILL SUMMER. Who is thinking about long cardigans, thick sweaters, wool blankets and boots now?! I am certainly not! I haven't even gone to the beach this year and my Summer vacation is still 5+ weeks away. Technically, Summer isn't even one-third through. It is still Summer until September 21st. And I know the fashion world and all the stores, retailers and brands are always at least one season ahead. Thank you Joan Fabrics and Hobby Lobby for reminding me that Fall is around the corner! I see all the pumpkins, the Halloween decor and the velvet decorations everywhere already. But in real world, kids are still on their Summer breaks and most schools don't even start until after Labor Day. That is almost 2 full months away, guys! I am clearly not thinking about coats, sweaters, booties and boots now. I live my life one season at a time, in real time. I don't want to think of the cold weather. We get plenty of it here in Michigan for about 8 months! 

Another reason why I do not want to shop the #NSale is because I honestly don't think it's that great. It is such an over-hyped, super-talked-about sale. It is so commercialized, as in it we hear about it a lot! As a matter of fact, it is covered by every single blogger and honestly almost everyone covers it the same. Every blogger writes a post about what the #NSale is and how and when to shop it; then they do a Nordstrom gift card giveaway on Instagram about it; then they write another post with all their top picks put into a widget or a collage and what they think will sell out; then a lot of Insta stories with hauls of purchases mostly clothes and shoes from the sale. I have yet to see a blogger who covers it differently. Yes, this sale kind of feels like Christmas in July and items are discounted heavily but unlike what influencers try to tell us (to shop for your Fall+Winter wardrobe and think of Christmas presents), most of these items aren't special enough for any of us to shell out hundreds and thousands of dollars, now. As a matter of fact, I know from several people who shopped the NSale last year, that said that just a few weeks after the #NSale, Nordstrom put a lot of the same merchandise on regular sale or on clearance. This even upset a lot of shoppers, especially influencers. Now, if you need a good pair of jeans especially designer denim, this is the time for you to shop for a pair or two. Ditto for the expensive bras that rarely go on sale, like the Natori bras. Also, those infamous Spanx leggings that almost never go on sale and are about 100 bucks, are a great deal with the 40% OFF discount during this sale - an investment worth splurging on, in my opinion. But if you don't need to shop for designer denim, Spanx or a good bra, I would say skip this sale!! There will be plenty of time for you to add a few new pieces for Fall and there will be a lot of sales, everywhere. Right now you can even shop COMPLETELY-NEW, Designer Pieces for Fall+Winter at TJ Maxx.com for a good fraction of the price.

I won't be shopping the NSale because of money reasons too, if I am being 100% blunt! A] I Need Money. B] I need to save money (especially with Vivian's Summer school unpaid for August and with our vacation in mid August). C] I do NOT need anything (even-though I do not own a pair of Black Spanx Leggings). D] I don't have extra large amounts of cash laying around for me to use right now. E] I don't need to "save" on items for Fall and Winter while it is ONLY the middle of July. Also, my Christmas Shopping can totally wait. I don't buy any of my Christmas presents at Nordstrom anyway. Rarely. This over-talked about sale can wait!! I don't need any new sweaters, designer denim, bras or boots, even if we are talking leather and suede designer shoes. So what?! And I don't care if a certain item sells out. There will be so many brands, retailers and stores that have yet to reveal everything for the upcoming Fall season. You and I will fall in love with so many things. But we will re-fall in love with our 'old' pieces from last year too and look at the large amounts of clothes, shoes and bags we own - especially us style bloggers. I am just being honest! It is so hard to resist temptation. This sale is super tempting and I totally get it, especially for bloggers, influencers and shopaholics (trust me, I love to shop), but if I can do it, you can too!

I do not want to shop this sale, especially if I am pushed by an Influencer - which I get too because blogging is their full-time job and they make money through their shoppable links - because at least for the last three years I have had my Instagram, I honestly don't see anything that different or unique. The influencers I feel, all of them ALWAYS show the same 50-70 pieces including lots of cardigans especially long cardigans and oversized cardis, different sweaters, some denim, boots, booties, loafers, the same sneakers and a coat, a skirt or a dress here or there. Target, Loft, J.Crew, J.Crew Factory, Banana Republic and even Old Navy or H+M  have very similar items come Fall, and their sales are usually way better. For example you can always count on a good sale from Target, Loft or Old Navy. Plus, you can find so many great 'dupes' from Amazon at any time. Why would I pay 50 bucks for a cardigan that was originally 80 bucks, when I can find it for $30 or less at Target or Amazon just a few weeks later? A lot of the people who religiously shop this sale, say that it is time to stock up on basics such as a black, a grey, a white or a striped tee, or other pieces like jeans, sweaters and cardigans. Now if it's a basic like a t-shirt and you are replacing it each year, why spend the extra money at Nordstrom when you can find it elsewhere for less?! Target, Loft and J.Crew have a lot of well-made, good-quality T-Shirts that they offer every year, every season. You don't need to get them at Nordstrom. Even on sale, they will be overpriced.

I also don't plan on shopping the #NSale because I kind of learned my lesson from two years ago, where in my opinion I spent lots of money. I got two pairs of booties, two pairs of jeans, a few sweaters, a couple of trendy tops - I have yet to wear, a pack of Mac mini lipsticks, leggings - I have yet to wear again and two pairs of shoes for Vivian. Honestly, I regretted buying and never returning almost everything I got with the exception of both pairs of jeans and my perforated suede booties I have worn a ton and absolutely love. The 3 sweaters, the cardigan and the 2-3 tops I bought I could totally do without. And Vivian didn't need the shoes I purchased in a bigger size. The next year when I planned for her to wear them, I totally forgot about them. So, long story short, instead of "saving" money during the big Anniversary NSale, I lost money, and hundreds of it. I will look at it as a lesson learnt. As a very busy single mom, I don't have extra bucks laying around and I certainly don't have money to loose!

I am also not shopping the sale because I have a vacation ahead to pay for and I truly need a new lap-top (which is a need, not a want) and I plan on buying it next week during the Amazon Prime days (Monday the 15th and Tuesday the 16th of July). And the big Prime Day Sale that Amazon offers each year for about 48 hours is another 'reason' to encourage you not to shop the #NSale. There will be plenty of REAL good deals on Amazon Prime and you can get them delivered as fast as the next day. Plus Amazon's return policy and customer service are just as amazing as Nordstrom's. And if Amazon isn't enough reason to convince you, there are many stores and retailers such as HSN, QVC, Macy's, JC Penney's, Lord and Taylor, Kohl's and more that are doing fantastic sales all this month and many "Christmas in July" sales too.

I am honestly flabbergasted and sick seeing all of these bloggers (already) fill out entire bags and the entire car baggage with their Nordstrom purchases. This morning alone I saw 4 or 5 bloggers who had purchased at least 20-35 pieces of clothing, 7-10 pairs of shoes, plus bags, blankets, clothes for their kids, their husbands, things for their homes, etc. etc. In my head this translates into thousand of dollars! We are so consumed in this world of consumerism. All of us could live with a lot less! I am trying to do my part, one day at a time. I know some of these bloggers and influencers will keep all or the majority of these things they are buying, but I also know that a lot of them return more than half of them and they just do these shopping hauls and large try-on sessions so that their followers could buy through their links. And in my opinion that is not right. It it not right at all. It seems like cheating! I work with affiliate links myself (and I make very little money through them by the way) but I am showing links to items I am wearing or that I own so that you can find the same or similar things. I couldn't in my right clear conscience link things I would not buy or items I am buying just so that I can return them.

If you do shop the Nordstrom Sale, I would suggest that you give yourself a limit of 5 items. What are the 4 items your closet needs the most for Fall or Winter?! And what is the 1 item you have really previously wanted or want from the Nordstrom Sale but that you haven't pulled the plug yet?! The 4 pieces your closet needs, may be neutral booties, a classic coat, some well-fitted skinny jeans or a cashmere sweater. I would make sure those are all classic, versatile, timeless, well-made wardrobe pieces that are worth purchasing even if the original prices are high.  Now is a good time to get a good deal on them! For a 5th item, I would 'throw' something you want. It can be a trendy blouse, a new set of makeup, a fun, very in pair of shoes or sneakers, a new throw blanket or a fabulous going-out dress or jumpsuit. 

I, by no means judge anyone that shops the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Not at all. I simply won't shop it! But if you do, good for you! It is ok to think differently. Plus we all have different budgets, different priorities, etc. So, if you are like me and you think the same way I do, let's all save some money this July!! Let's live in the moment and not think of Fall or Winter just yet!! I know I may be in the minority about my thinking in regards to the Nordstrom Sale and I am fully aware that my opinions may be unpopular but I am being nothing but honest. The last thing I need is a new sweater, booties or such. On the other hand, I could use an extra weekend off, a few days of vacation and some quality time with people I love. I rather eat out a few times this Summer and try some new restaurants while I wear Clothes I Already Own and Love! Are you with me?! Or will you be shopping the #NSale?! I would love to know your take in all this so please leave me a comment, below.