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Mom Slides.

There is nothing special about this outfit, it is just me in my everyday casual Summer style when I am off. But I like keeping it real here folks. Life is not always roses and sunsets and neither are our outfits. I wore this for an early afternoon dine+wine outside in our porch. These Black Reebok Slides I have purchased over Amazon are made of foam so they are super comfortable and they are perfect to walk in if you you have to walk for a long time - let's say a shopping day at the mall. I like that they only have a tiny Reebok logo (off the side) engraved in black instead of a big one which makes these easier to wear. With longer shorts, this outfit is totally mom-approved and still on trend with the OTS Black Top with a crochet-hem. To bring out the turquoise from the shorts I wore my Turquoise Crispin Earrings and my Gold-Tone Turquoise Bar Necklace. I also added a couple of Neutral Marble Beaded Bracelets. Have a Great Tuesday you all!
Black OTS Top w/ Crochet Hem:Who What Wea…