Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Sweet Baby Girl Has Arrived!! WELCOME!!

Hello All, how is your Wednesday? Here I am making a Special Announcement, Today!!

You may or may not have noticed I didn't post last weekend an update on my Baby Story on Week 38. Also, you may have noticed I haven't been that active posting, commenting or checking out your blogs on a regular basis. Well, see there is a VERY GOOD REASON for all that...

I planned on writing "My Baby's Story: Week 38" on Friday January 18th and have it run on my blog, the next day. However, Friday evening is when I was submitted to the hospital, a few hours after my water broke and Saturday January 19th marked the birth, birthdate and birthday of My Sweet, Precious, Little Baby Girl whom we named Vivian, a name we have known about for 4-5 months, now. It is a name that originates from France and it means "Lively! Full of Life! Full of Energy". That is exactly how she is, even at 4 days old. And that is exactly how we want and wish for her to be FULL OF LIFE.

Vivian was born at 3.30 AM, Albanian Time (GMT) in Tirana - Albania. She weighs 6.6 lbs and measures at 19.2 inches tall. She is beautiful - that is all I am saying for now till you see photos of her. I know every mom says that about her baby but believe me, she truly is. For the most part it was a smooth birth and delivery. It was all natural, no epidural was used. Yes, I am in a little bit of pain now while I still recover but I only spent one night at the hospital (not counting the night she was born). And while a little sleep-deprived and quite tired, she is worth every small and big sacrifice. She truly is. Her birth was definitely the Sweetest Pain.

And while I tend to her as much as she needs me, while I still catch up on some sleep, I will try to stay active blogging as much as I can. I have pre-scheduled a few posts as well, including some outfits I wore during the last days of My Pregnancy and some worn during some Special Ocassions. I was behind outfit-posting for one and I don't plan on going out anywhere anytime real soon, so keeping things real around this blog and showing you outfits I have actually worn, though some days later. Also, I have a few nice Blog Friends filling out for me while I attend to my sweet little Vivian. Thank you Blog Friends. And with that said, I am still welcoming Guest Posts for you at my E-Mail Thank you.

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The Cake My Parents in USA ordered in Her Honor when she arrived, to welcome the Birth of their First Grandbaby.
A Special Balloon brought to us at the Hospital from two of my husband's cousins. In red it says WELCOME VIVIAN in Albanian.
More Balloons for Vivian & Mommy.
Beautiful Flowers Brought at the Hospital from Mommy & Daddy's Friends.
The Cake We Welcomed Home Vivian (special ordered by my In-Laws). We forgot to take a whole photo of the cake before cutting it but you get the idea. It also reads "Welcome Vivian" in Albanian.