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My Sweet Baby Girl Has Arrived!! WELCOME!!

Hello All, how is your Wednesday? Here I am making a Special Announcement, Today!!

You may or may not have noticed I didn't post last weekend an update on my Baby Story on Week 38. Also, you may have noticed I haven't been that active posting, commenting or checking out your blogs on a regular basis. Well, see there is a VERY GOOD REASON for all that...

I planned on writing "My Baby's Story: Week 38" on Friday January 18th and have it run on my blog, the next day. However, Friday evening is when I was submitted to the hospital, a few hours after my water broke and Saturday January 19th marked the birth, birthdate and birthday of My Sweet, Precious, Little Baby Girl whom we named Vivian, a name we have known about for 4-5 months, now. It is a name that originates from France and it means "Lively! Full of Life! Full of Energy". That is exactly how she is, even at 4 days old. And that is exactly how we want and wish for her to be FULL OF LIFE.

Vivian was b…