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Thursday Moda #183: Currently, September 2019.

Once again, Welcome September - back to school, back to regular routines, back to busy schedules life! I just posted a September bucket list and I haven't done one in a long while but stop by the post to see it and why I am doing one. September I think is a big month for kids, parents, grandparents, everyone really! But I am still doing my usual monthly currently posts which have 5 different prompts each month and the ideas come from Anne In Residence. Our kids are just months apart and if I am correct her son Henrick also just started first grade and even went to a new school. Speaking of starting first grade, do you follow me on Instagram - please follow me - I have been bombarding you with stories, videos and photos of Vivian from her first two days of school. The last two Instagram posts show Vivian on her first two days of school - the first day was a half day and her second day was her first full day - being all giddy, exciting and very stylish of course! I have a mini fashi…