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Gray Cowl-Neck Sweater Dress and Announcing Dressember.

December, despite being a cold Wintery month will be a month where I will be wearing and showing a lot of dresses to honor the Dressember Foundation which has been going very strong for three years. Their mission is to stop Human Trafficking. My goal is to show 25 Dresses but I will be happy with 20 if snow and freezing temps do not cooperate. I need to add some new tights (especially fleece-lined ones) to my closet this week. So, join me and the lovely SARAH from My Bows and Clothes who did this/blogged about it last year too. You can read more about what she is doing, here.

I am running late this morning as seems to be the case every Monday (lol) so I am pulling an outfit from my archives. It is a great way to wear a dress to work during the cold months. Coincidentally I wore a very similar outfit to this to work, on Friday (a couple of days ago). I love how the metallic silver thread on my tights picks up the gray dress and vice versa. Also my bow wedge flats match the bow on the he…