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Hectic Monday and a Pregnancy OOTD.

I just put little Vivian to sleep. Both her and I are still adjusting to her birth. As of today she is 16 days old. Her 2-week doctor's appointment was on Saturday and it went pretty well. She has gained one tenth of her weight (she was born) already. She is one feisty, active little Baby Girl. Yes, she keeps me awake half of the night and sometimes is fussy during the day (like today, she has been awake for about 6 hours) but I can't blame her, her little tummy aches. Looking at her sweet face every day for hours during the day fills me up with Happiness though. And she looks so Peaceful when I am breast-feeding her.She is A BEAUTY. My husband and I stare at her gorgeous, sweet little face and are in awe of her beauty and how we made her!

To all of you who have wished me THANK YOU. I will probably have a lengthy post about her, with photos and everything, in a couple of weeks or so. As of right now, I have had no time. I have mostly pre-scheduled my posts. I still have some Gu…