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Saturday is for Vivian: an Update and Summer Outfits.

When Vivian was a baby, during the first year of her life, I used to do a series on Saturdays called "Saturday is for Vivian". I would usually do this twice a month on Saturdays giving you guys updates on Vivian's growth  (whoever is interested to read these) and of course lots of adorable baby photos. My little a girl isn't a baby anymore, she is a sassy toddler full of spunk, attitude, smiles and yes lots of temper tantrums. Since, I haven't done a Vivian update since June, after her hospital stay, I figured I should do one today and try to keep them up monthly. I figured Saturdays are good days to do these, plus Saturday is for Vivian because my Vivian was born on a Saturday. She was born January 19th 2013 to be exact and today is Saturday the 19th which makes Vivian 32 months old, on the dot. Happy Birthday My Princess!!

As I have mentioned on my blog, a few times, Vivian has had a tough year health-wise. Winter was bad and Spring got worse. She was on the ho…