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Saturday is for Vivian - 9 Months Update.

It was exactly on October 19th when my Gorgeous, Sweet Viv turned 9 months, exactly on that same date I updated you about her 8-month Birthday. I keep being behind on these monthly updates but I am not short on words when I write them. In general, I am not shy on words, but on top of that My Beautiful Little Girl makes me so Proud and Passionate. I could write a book about her. I am after all very Thankful she is part of my life, as I mentioned earlier this week, also. I figured since today is November 30, it is the last day of this month and it is a Saturday as well, I would post her 9-month update, finally. I promise, I will post her 10-moth update before she turns 11 months, next month.
October marked the last Birthday that Vivian would be celebrating in the States with her Maternal side of the family. It also happened to be my Brother (her Uncle's) 29th Birthday. Vivian turned 9 months old on October 19th and it was Brother's Birthday on October 18th. October was a month w…