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Daytime to Nighttime in Cranberry Red and Wednesday Linkup.

Happy Hump Day and Welcome to the Linkup. I am co-hosting today (and next Wednesday also) with MONICA from Jersey Girl Texan Heart. This girl has lots of style mixing high and low brands. She is very good at hair, makeup and nails too. Actually her nails always look superb and she has great tutorials, so make sure you visit her today, also. Thanks.
Some of my favorite posts that I do is when I show the same piece or the same pieces styled for different occasions. Today I am doing just that in this Monochromatic Cranberry Red Twofer Post with a nod to the 70s styles which are so big right now. I didn't mean to go full red, especially with the head-to-toe red look on the Nighttime Outfit (the shoes, skirt, sweater, clutch and even the little hair claw are all in different shades of deep red, though they mix well together, but I kept my lips in a camel/neutral lipstick). But sometimes, matching and going for monochromatic works out for the best. The daytime outfit has several element…