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Thursday Moda #175: Navy, Red and Silver Accessories.

For Summer Days, dresses, tops (and even coverups, kimonos, etc) that have some type of crochet, macrame, eyelet or embroidery definitely say Summer and are great items to wear wile the days are hot and the nights feel muggy. Ditto for breathable materials like 100% cotton, a light poplin cotton blend or better yet linen. I particularly like tops, pants and dresses that are a linen-blend, fully linen or have that layed-down, slept-in, wrinkly effect. First of all the materials are very cozy and airy for Summer. Plus these are good fabrics that help with the humidity, don't cling to you, don't make you hotter ether, and it's no big deal if they wrinkle easily since linen already looks a little wrinkled. Just like my Pretty Navy Dress today.
NAVY,  RED  AND  SILVER  ACCESSORIES. This Fabulous Navy Dress is in a very breezy linen blend, fully-lined. It keeps you cool. Since it has a modest neckline and short-sleeves, plus it fits right at the knee length-wise is the perfect dr…