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Skirting it in White+Blue with Stripes, Pineapples and Ruffles.

One of these days I will A) Get Back to a more normal blogging schedule and post at least 4 or 5 times a week. B) Get back to linking and commenting daily. C) Finally start showing/blogging some Fall Outfits. But today is not that day. This week is not that week! Therefore you get this Summery Outfit from July when I was wearing skirts almost every day and even blogged about them. My Summer Outfit today revolves around a Knee-High Pinstriped Skirt (by Target) with White+Blue Stripes and doses of Pineapples (my V-Neck Tee also in white+blue by Loft) and Ruffles (my Red Faux Suede Slide Sandals by Target).

SKIRTING  IT  IN  WHITE+BLUE  WITH  STRIPES,  PINEAPPLES  AND  RUFFLES. In the Summertime my favorite color duo to wear is white with blue - any shade of blue: sky, cobalt, turquoise, midnight, navy, baby blue - no wonder all the retailers come up with a lot of white+blue prints like my Cute and Comfortable Elastic-Waist Striped Skirt and my Scoop-Neck Pineapple-Print Tee. What I love t…