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I love doing these currently posts and giving you sort of monthly mini updates of what I have been doing. I hope  all you mammas and your mothers had a fabulous Mother's day too. Read on to see how I spent my 4th Mother's day. Thank you. As usual, I linkup with Anne and Jenna. To see more of what I am doing, where I am going, what I am eating, drinking  and wearing each day, follow me on Instagram. Thanks.

Vivian's Easter Basket before it got destroyed. Vivian hard at work opening her goodies and unwrapping all the candy and toy eggs from her basket. She also got an outfit, a new dress with shoes and a headband for Easter. And a few days later, she got a second Easter basket and two outfits courtesy of my aunt and uncle.
Cookies, cream, kiwi and cherry, delicious no bake (birthday) cake. This was soooo good.
A hearty Mother's Day dinner with steak, potatoes, tortellini, risotto, salad, home-made spinach pie, Italian bread, Wine and dessert.
A dozen roses for my mom who…