Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring Flowers - Mother and Daughter Edition (Part Two).

Hi all from this Happy, Bright, Sunny Morning here in Tirana - Albania. Let's see how high the temperatures will get today? Should be around 70 degrees I think. Anyway, this morning I had a mishap anyway. I was able to burn my morning toast. See I proceeded to get dressed and totally forgot about it. Than a strong burning smell plus my mind reminded me I had toast on. It was burnt to black, the smell was bad. And if that wasn't enough, my little cutie threw up today, as in a large, adult-like vomit. Sorry I am sounding gross. It has happened at least half a dozen times in the last 3 weeks or so, I mean in large doses because a little throw-up after each feeding or after some feedings is normal. So the reason why I am mentioning all this is to ask all of you mothers out there, whether this has happened to you with your children when they were babies or with your babies. What do you do in such situations? Do you recommend any type of medicine? My pediatrician for now recommended a med to give her after and if she throws up that you dilute in water and it's basically salts & minerals with a little bit of sugar. It calms her stomach and tightens it so that she keeps her food in. But any suggestions or advise on your part is welcome, too. Thank You.

As for today's outfit: I wore & posted Spring Florals exactly one week ago today. I linked up with Agnes last week, where she had a link-up Thursday of Spring Trends and I chose Bright Florals for Spring as well as White. That ended up being My Most Favorite outfit, last week. =) Well, this week Pretty Bri Marie has Florals for her Third Thursday Threads, so I obliged and chose Florals again. LOL Granted I don't have as much Floral items as I'd like but when I come to the States and shop there, I will make sure to rectify that. On my 'To Buy List' I have Floral Skinny Pants (I'd like 2 pairs: either a Light Pink or Lavender background with flowers as well as a Black background pair with flowers), a Floral Pencil Skirt, a Floral Button-Down or two LOL, a Floral Blouse (Pretty & Girly pretty much like what I wore last Thursday), a couple of Floral Scarves, a pair of Floral Ballet Flats, a Floral Tank (in a longer, loose style), a Floral Clutch and some Floral Jewelry especially a Necklace with Big Bold Flowers - they are so trendy right now and I happen to find them Adorable! I know that's a lot of Floral items but I plan on looking for them at Forever 21, Kohl's, JC Penney, H&M & Old Navy, I will look for deals, sales & clearance. I might even check out Plato's Closet. 

For now I am happy to wear the closest thing to Floral Skinny Pants which are My Beautiful, Bold Burgundy Leggings with Hot Pink Flowers. I am glad I purchased these leggings & 3 other Patterned pairs, back in January. I promised to myself and to you I would wear them a lot and so far so good. I have worn each pair at least 3 times, though you haven't seen them much in the blog. I paired my leggings this time with this lovely Lavender/Dusty Pink Long Cardigan which has a Chiffon Flower thingy attached to it off the side & some plastic Pink Pearls for decoration. And I even wore a Pretty Necklace (purchased this month) that has a Coral Flower & some Beads. As if that wasn't enough Floral, I wore my Floral Silver/Pearl Studs. To make my Girly outfit more Feminine even, I added a Wide Lace Camisole (I love these camis from WHBM) & Gorgeous Magenta Flats with Gold Piping from Nine West. My little Vivian coordinated with me in her Baby Pink Onesie & her Floral was the Wide Headband with the Big Chiffon & Lace Flower attached to it, which I am proud to say I made her headband myself. =) Do we look cute & ready for Spring? The weather yesterday & today surely agreed with our outfits, brights & florals. =)
This Smile Melts My Heart. I mean look at her: Gorgeous Baby, Beautifully Dressed with a Girly Headband on her head full of Hair. But truly is Her Smile that Shines the Most. I hope her Smile put a Smile in all of your faces today. =)
Baby Pink, Chiffon-Trimmed Cardigan w/ Pearls & Floral Vine Off the Collar: Gruppo Fiori.
Ecru, Long, Nylon Cardigan w/ Wide Lace Trim: White House Black Market.
Burgundy Leggings w/ Hot Pink Roses/Wide Flowers' Print: Terra Nova.
Gold Chain Necklace w/ Silver & Gold Beads & a Coral Flower Pendant: Bijoux & Accessories (New).
Silver, Flower-Stud Earrings w/ Little Pearls in the Middle: Parfois.
Magenta, Suede Leather Flats w/ Buckles & Gold Piping: Nine West.

Vivian's Outfit:
Baby Pink, Velvet Body Suit w/ Peter Pan Collar & Pearl Buttons: Ralph Lauren.
Baby Pink, Wide Headband w/ Lace & Chiffon Large Flower (w/ little Silver Studs): Made by Me.

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On May 4th which falls on a Saturday it's My Birthday so FOR FUN and only for Fun I want to do a Blog Birthday Party. How that works you ask? Well, I invite all of you (whoever want to participate who follows my blog) to wear an outfit for this occasion as if they were about to attend my Birthday Party in real life. So Put your Best Foot Forward & Style an Outfit for My Birthday. I cannot wait to see what you Stylish, Lovely Ladies come up with. Once I receive all your outfits via my E-Mail, I will compile them in a special post that I will schedule for May 5th. =) I will be expecting your E-Mails until May 2nd. In order to participate all you got to do is Follow My Blog & Link back to my Blog on the day I am running this post. Here are the buttons below:

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