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Hot Pink Draped Jersey.

Tuesday came in this morning and I couldn't wake up to save my life. I made it 20 minutes passed the alarm clock. Thank God I had enough time to brush my teeth and my hair, wash my face, put on my outfit (I almost never think of outfits the previous day/night, so sometimes in the morning that makes it hard), eat a quick breakfast and take my multi-vitamin and be out of the door just in time. I rushed a little those 8 minutes or so I have to walk to the bus station but made it right on time. Then I had to drink a tall latte over ice to sort of keep myself up and awake. I am at work after all. It has been a very slow, easy-peasy morning at work though and I love it that way. Who doesn't? It has given me time to catch up on some blogs I follow daily and even "discover" a couple of new blogs, totally worth reading. Shshhhh. Don't lie though, if you have nothing to do either, you blog too, I am not alone. =D

Here I am wearing one of the brightest dresses I own in a so…