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Red Grandpa Cardigan Layered with Red Gingham.

Happy Monday and Happy December. Posting in late this morning (it's afternoon here actually) but I have had a busy day & a super busy Sunday. Did you get anything done this weekend?

This Outfit was worn on my last night in the States, last month. It was a Sunday Night and I wore this at my Parents' Home to welcome Guests & Relatives (who stopped by to wish us Safe Travels). I really liked how this Outfit looked though I threw it together on a whim. But I managed to get a big stain on the Cardigan =(. Before switching into a Different Outfit (whom I didn't take Style Blog Photos for, though I have a bunch of Family Photos with that Outfit on), I snapped photos of this Outfit and I am so glad I did. I do apologize for the big stain by my left boob. Believe it or not, I managed to stain the Top of the other Outfit, too. I was a Messy Nancy that day LOL. Since December is already here (can you believe it?) and this Outfit is sort of Holiday-ish with all the Red & G…