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Marsala Cardigan, Marsala Bow Flats and Floral Lace.

This is my fourth outfit for the Marsala week but I have at least another 4 Outfits I have worn recently featuring Burgundy in a way or another, so stay tuned. And thank you to all of you who have complimented my outfits and liked me in Marsala/Wine/Oxblood/Burgundy this week. I have always loved this color and I do like it on me, as well.
I wore this Outfit to work yesterday. But the heater wasn't working so I had my coat and scarf on all day. Unlike America, here in Europe has been pretty chilly this week. Too bad the heater wasn't working because this Outfit is so cute. I am wearing items I had neglected or not worn for ages such as this Sweater Dress (it is a Dress, not a Skirt with a Lace Top), this Ruffled Marsala Cardigan and the Velvet, Bow Ballet Flats. I also wore some New Tights. This outfit is all about textures: the lace over the knit in that dress which looks like a 2-piece, the ruffles on the cardigan and the luscious velvet/velour ballerina flats. This outfit i…