Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gray Sweater Dress: Twice as Nice.

I told you guys it has been chilly lately. I wasn't kidding. I had to go back to wearing a sweater dress, tights and boots - a favorite "uniform" for me for when it is cold out. The only difference is that I didn't wear a coat or jacket this time around as compared to late Autumn months or Winter time. Gray and Black are two neutrals but Red makes everything a little better, bolder, happier, more feminine and somewhat festove. ;-) So this time around I wore this sweater dress with a red turtleneck. You can't blame me since the temperatures dropped from 25 Degree Celsius to half of that. =( How has this week been by where you live at?!

Check out the other time (worn very similarly) of what I paired this dress with. Here is the link to that post. =) Have a Lovely Rest of the Day!!

Short-Sleeve, Medium-Gray Sweater Dress w/ Braided Crochet on Top: The Limited.
Red, Light-Cotton Turtleneck: T Box.
Circle, Black, Jet Crystal Necklace + Circle, Black, Jet Crystal (Matching) Earrings: White House Black Market.
Plain Black Tights: Ann Taylor.
Medium Gray Leather & Faux Suede Stiletto Boots w/ 3 Silver Buttons off the Side: Payless.