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Black and Tan for Winter, Round Two.

Black and Tan for Winter is not unusual, unique or a mind-blowing combination lol. But it is  put-together, chic, perfectly-neutral and a good monochrome look to wear, when the Winter doldrums have captivated your spirit and your closet. However, there is nothing bad about this look, even if it is simple. It is full of street-chicness and modern European style. And pairing black and tan doesn't have to be boring. You can feel like a 'style genius' - meaning looking put-together and oh-so-stylish - even if your colors are dark, Wintery or neutral. It is always about how you wear your clothes, not as much about what you wear! Whether you are walking the streets of New York, Paris, Rome, Prague, Toronto, Boston or Tokyo, being a little tourist in an all-black look featuring Black Skinny Jeans, a Black+White Striped Cozy+Warm Wool Turtleneck Sweater, Classic Little Gold Stud Earrings and some Knee-High Cognac Riding Boots (that are made for walking) all paired with Elegantly-B…