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Olive Green Layered Up.

Hi girls. While I am trying to stay cool (literally), I wish and hope for lighter-temperature days, grayer skies and drops of rain. Unless I was at the beach, on a cruise or in an isolated island, this weather is not possible for a human being to handle every single day. Granted, I am at work (or at home) and even doing errands these days comes at the expense of surviving the heat. Considering how we had such a cold and long winter this past winter in Tirana, I figured Summer would be muggy, hot & long too. Though summers are known to feel like an African sauna, around here.

Anyway, here you got an outfit worn on a cooler day. I'd pay money to wear something like this, again, at least for a day or two. LOL

Olive Green & Kelly Green, Mesh, Layered, Wrap Top w/ Rosette Detail: Old Navy. Dark Forest Green Tank w/ Wide Lace Trim:The Limited. Pinstripped, Black, Cropped Pants w/ Button Detail On the Outter Bottom Side:The Limited. Turquoise, Beaded Necklace w/ Circle Pendant:The Li…

Rainbow Tie-Dye Dress and Rainbow Espadrilles.

Hello All. How is this Thursday (close to the weekend) going for you? I am doing fine considering the kind of hectic day I have had so far and still MOST OF MY WORK DAY is still ahead.

As you all know very well by now, I love Dresses and own A LOT of them. I find them pretty, feminine and really easy to wear. At least it's not like you have to match a top with a bottom. Yes, you have to choose the right shoes, accessories and sometimes a cardigan or a blazer, but rather than that you don't have to mess up much with a dress. I love this particular dress because it is so colorful and the shape and style of it is so pretty. It is very body-conscious as it hugs my body and shows my curves. It also has a pretty sweetheart-shape at the chest area. It's a good thing I was blessed with boobs, because this dress wouldn't flatter a flat-chested girl as much. Also the empire-waist style and the black ribboning under the rib-cage is flattering and shows the tiniest part of my body…