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Red Shoes Birthday Blog Party (part 1) and a Navy Jumpsuit.

It is no secret that I love shoes. I don't even know how many pairs I own but it is over 100, over 120 maybe? I seriously haven't counted. Today and tomorrow I am sharing two special posts all about shoes - red shoes to be exact and some fabulous bloggers are joining me, too. Now as far as I know, from the top of my head, here is where my collection of red shoes stands: 2 pairs of D'Orsay Pumps (one of which I am wearing today), 1 pair of Satin Pumps, 1 pair of Faux Suede Pumps, 3 pairs of Open-Toe/Peep-Toe Pumps, 1 pair of Ballet Flats, 1 pair of Oxford Shoes, 1 pair of Ghilly/Laceup Flats, 1 pair of D'Orsay Flats, 1 pair of Wedge Sandals, 1 pair of Thong Sandals, 1 pair of Laceup Gladiator Sandals and at least 1 pair or 2 of Flip Flops. If my math isn't failing me that is 15 pairs of red shoes and I am positive I have given away/gotten rid of some, before. Three of these pairs are currently stored in Albania, but the others are here at my home in Michigan so clea…