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Friend Friday: Oddities.

Friend Friday: Oddities
1. Since you began blogging do you notice a change in the types of things you gravitate towards while shopping?
Yes and no. My style is my style. Blogging has made me appreciate my style and my clothes more and at times it made me want to shop more. But at the same times it has opened up my eyes and it has kept those eyes open to my closet, especially. I have and own so many things and blogging makes me want to mix and match my closet, much more. I haven't really done much shopping this year but if I were to go on a shopping spree there are certain items I would gravitate towards, since I have seen them on so many bloggers and remixed hundred different ways. These items are pieces such as: a chambray shirt; a denim blazer; T-shirt dresses; nautical pieces especially tops, dresses and shorts; espadrilles; boat shoes; cute tennis shoes like Keds or Toms; tops/skirts/dresses with animals printed in them such as giraffes, elephants, birds; and maxi-dresses. …