Monday, July 6, 2015

Currently July: (Wearing) a Pretty Maxi Dress.

Before I do the run-down for the Currently July Post (linking up with Anne), I want to mention that I am currently wearing this Pretty Floral Maxi Dress from today's post too. I added little drop earrings that match all the colors of the dress and a few colorful bracelets plus my green sandals (that I am currently in love with) and I was done. I found similar maxi dresses to mine that I love (links below). With that said, I hope you had a great 4th of July!

craving: Ice cream, watermelon, any kind of melon actually such as sweet honeydew, lemonades, a cold glass of sangria, iced teas and berries of any kind. I know this wasn't necessary food-related but yeah I am craving all the typical Summer foods I love so much.

grilling: Ohh, I wish we had a grill here at our apartment in Tirana. A month from today I am back home in Michigan and can't wait to use the grill. Chicken breasts, steaks, hamburgers, hot-dogs and even vegetables and corn on the cobb are on my "to grill list".

listening: To Ed Sheeran and Indila. They are both two great artists. Indila is French. I like to think of her as the French version of Adele. She has a beautiful voice and sings fantastic love ballads. You don't have to speak/know French to appeciate her music (I don't know any French). Love Story is the song of hers I am mostly obsessed with. And Vivian loves Indila's songs too. She always says "again" in Albanian after they are over. 

planning: To leave Europe and definitely planning to pack and boy do I have a lot of packing to do. We are about 4 weeks away from a very long flight over 5000 miles away. I am trying to be smart about it and I am putting my notebook to use writing down what I need with me on the luggage, what to carry on the carry-on and what to carry on my purse. Also, planning what outfit to wear for myself and what outfit to put Vivian in. Of course I will bring a couple of clothes' changes for her and a light blanket. With that said, are any of you interested to Guest post for me between July 25th and August 20th? I plan on running Guest Posts sporadically.

decorating: Nothing at the moment but I am going to try to leave things very organized, well-kept and clean here at the apartment till my husband follows us later this year. I definitely plan on decorating our room once I am all unpacked and I am in Michigan, though. 

Dainty Gold-tone Earrings w/ Cubic Crystal, 4-Colored Stones: Fred's Jewelry (similar by Givenchy, fantastic deal, love these), (gorgeous option by Swarovski, great deal), (similar by Bebe, best deal, love these).
Bright, Kelly Green Strappy Sandals: Simple Shoes (New) (similar, trendy option), (similar, love this), (dressy stiletto option by Guess, love this).

P.S. I am also linking up with Angela, Carylee + Gina, Carly, Casey+all for Create 28 Lovely Summer Looks, Cherie, Jen, Jess, 
And for the second week in a row, I am joining Ana Luiza and Michelle for their new Monday Link-up which is themed and today it is all about Sandals. This green pair is my current favorite, as I mentioned.