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Flashback Friday: Pink+Silver V-Neck Sweater with Cropped Jeans and Button-Downs.

Sometime this year I started a feature called "Flashback Friday" in which I show you sneak peeks of Outfits from previous years and how I dressed, as well as Outfits that never made it to the blog. I would post these on Fridays, sporadically. Since the year is coming to an end soon and I have so many Outfits from this year that have never made it into the blog, I figured I should do a couple more Flashback Friday days where I show you some of them.

Today I am showing you two Outfits worn one week from each other this past October, featuring the same Gray+Pink V-Neck Turtleneck with Sparkly Silver running through the Stripes. I reached for this Sweater a few days after the first Outfit. And it seems that I wore it similarly both times, including Metallic Flats. Both times I paired it with Cropped Blue Jeans and I layered Button-down Shirts underneath. These are both Casual, Every Day Mom Outfits. Perfect for a Casual Friday. What do you think of each Outfit? Do you like the S…