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The Sunday Showcase Linkup, April 2018 - Easter Looks.

Happy April 1st - both Easter Sunday and April Fools' Day!! Today is the second linkup for "The Sunday Showcase" which as you know I started last month (in March) alongside my very good friends: the always-kind and sunny Floridian KELLYANN from This Blonde's Shopping Bag and the beautiful, spiritual Georgia peach CHRISSY from Granola and Grace. Our first linkup last week was a huge success with over 90 outfits linked. That is also thankfully to our very first fabulous co-host, the very dear SHELBEE from Shelbee on the Edge. Today Chrissy, Kellyann and I (with my daughter Vivian) are showing you cute Easter looks. Not at all planned, but we all chose to style Fun Springy Dresses. And I must say both of my lovely co-hosts look beautiful and so dressy in their looks. I - for once lol - dressed down my Cute Red Floral Dress. 
THE  SHOWCASE  APRIL  OUTFIT. As you can tell by all the greenery surrounding us and all the flowers blooming, these photos are taken when the weathe…

What will be in Vivian's Easter Basket for 2018.

I decided to do a different, fun, unique post today. I am after all a mom and I blog mostly my clothes as a mom, as well as a lot of Mommy+Mini Outfits posts. Also, Vivian makes frequent appearances on my blog, so today I decided to show you what will be on Vivian's Easter basket this year. The fact that Easter is in a couple of days is mind-boggling to me, too. Where did one-fourth of the year go?! Vivian is 5 years old. She is such a funny, friendly little social butterfly type of girl. She cracks me up all day long. She talks a lot and has a strong personality. She is also quite a girly girl and you will notice that by what I selected to add to her Easter basket. Since I am Greek Orthodox our Easter usually falls a week later so I have to pick up a few more of these things by April 8th - Easter day.
Easter Basket This year I may decide to get Viv a new Easter Basket too and I think this one (pictured above) is perfect and a great price for 10 bucks. I love the super-colorful embr…