Sunday, June 23, 2019

Rainbow Stripes Pride.

June is Pride Month, also known as the month where the rights of the LGBT Community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) are recognized and protected. In some ways I hate that there is a pride month and let me explain why. It is 2019 and yet people are STILL not accepted for who they are. It is none of our business who people fall in love with, love, decide to spend their lives with or how they decide to change their lives and their appearances if they chose to. Whether you are a man loving a man, a woman loving both a woman or a man, a heterosexual couple or a man deciding to turn themselves into a woman because that's what makes them happy - these are people and they should be treated, respected and loved the same. Who you love, anyone's personal life and/or happiness shouldn't be anyone else's business. Just their own. So, by that token I don't like that it is half-way through 2019 and we have a month to celebrate LGBT Pride. But, on the other hand, I like that June is the month of the LGBT Community because it makes us all realize that in this world there are ALL kinds of people and they should all be respected and treated the same. I think this month throws attention to those people who are not very accepting to others who are not like them. The LGBT community has enough challenges already, they do not need narrow-minded people to look at them differently, treat them differently, act differently towards them, etc. I am glad we have one month to acknowledge these people and I love it that a 'RAINBOW' is the LGBT symbol because I don't know about you but rainbows make everyone happy. After all, a rainbow comes at the end of each rain-storm and clears the sky, brings the sun closer. And rainbows, rainbow stripes and such are all over the stores this month (look at the display above, at my local Lord and Taylor). Let's all remember that Love is Love and you don't need a t-shirt to say that, but if you need to buy or wear a t-shirt, a dress, a scarf or whatnot to remind others who don't agree, than by all means do. I am a heterosexual woman who respects and admires all people for who they are. I could care less if they are gay or not, whether they go home to a man or a woman. People are people. Love is love. And kindness is always free - always remember these three things.

Though this dress wasn't purchased this month, I love that it represents this month perfectly, because of its beautiful rainbow stripes. I love the midi length, the button-front style and the soft, light linen material too. If this isn't the Best Summer Dress I don't know what is. I paired it with Silver+Snakeskin Strappy Ann Klein Espadrille Wedges and a Wine-Colored Soft-Leather Crossbody Bag. My sweet Vivian has enough rainbows on her too, between the Adorable Multi-Colored Heart-Print Skort by Cat+Jack from Target, and that JoJo Siwa Graphic Tee with a couple of rainbows in its design, and let's not forget her Flamingo, Rainbow-Striped Little Silver Necklace. Vivian is also wearing a Lavender/Teal/Pink Rainbow Bow JoJo Siwa Headband and by the way she loved all the rainbow-colored clothing and displays we saw today during our fun day spent together. Vivian loves, loves rainbows. She considers 'rainbow' one of her most favorite top three colors. As much as she loves pink. She always thinks rainbow is the best color. I love how sunny and positive this kid, is. Both of our outfits received a few compliments too, especially my dress. What do you think?! Are you wearing Rainbow-Striped Clothing this June for Pride Month?!