Saturday, September 29, 2018

The Blended Blog Asks, October - All Fall's Favorite Things.

This is the very last weekend of September and October is in just a couple of days. This weekend locally for us, we have the 34th annual pumpkin fest here in Michigan and it is a great pumpkin fest as all the local businesses go all out. I plan on taking Vivian there on Sunday and buying some Fall decor too. Stay tuned to my Instagram because I plan on posting there through stories.

1. Burgundy, always burgundy and any shade of wine. But this year I am falling hard for mustard and it doesn't help that I am seeing it everywhere lol. 

2. I have only had it hot a couple of times. I love apple cider in general but I think I prefer it cold.

3. Yes of course. They are delicious especially if they are fresh.

4. Apple cider donut without any question. The cinnamon, brown-sugar-topped donuts are the best. There is no comparison in my book, especially if they are still warm.

5. I prefer a long cardigan cause I find them more versatile and easier to layer with and perfect for everyday wear. Plus long cardigans can be easily dressed up or down, but for the office or to wear over a dress, a short cardigan is great. 

6. I don't know if I have a Fall favorite food. But I do like pumpkin pie though I don't care for pumpkin-flavored coffee drinks or other pumpkin desserts. I also love corn grilled on an open-fire, yummy. As far as a favorite Fall drink I like a little sweet-flavored beer with hints of pumpkin, berry or orange, like Blue Moon - delish!

7. A combination of both white and orange pumpkins and this year I have a few of both (small ones). For decor I also love cloth pumpkins and velvet pumpkins. 

8. Yes, hayrides are fun but a bonfire is the best October through May. 

9. I am not much a dessert person but my most favorite thing ever would be donuts from an apple orchard.

10. There are a few: visiting the apple orchards and picking up apples. Decorating for Fall (with lots of pumpkins) and since I became a mom Halloween too. I love taking Vivian out for Halloween to treat or trick and picking out a costume for her.

I actually plan on doing a Fall Home Tour this year and that will probably be blogged next Sunday on the first Sunday of October for "The Sunday Showcase" Linkup, so stay tuned. =) What are your favorite things to do and eat during Fall?!