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The Blended Blog Asks, October - All Fall's Favorite Things.

This is the very last weekend of September and October is in just a couple of days. This weekend locally for us, we have the 34th annual pumpkin fest here in Michigan and it is a great pumpkin fest as all the local businesses go all out. I plan on taking Vivian there on Sunday and buying some Fall decor too. Stay tuned to my Instagram because I plan on posting there through stories.

1.Burgundy, always burgundy and any shade of wine. But this year I am falling hard for mustard and it doesn't help that I am seeing it everywhere lol. 
2.I have only had it hot a couple of times. I love apple cider in general but I think I prefer it cold.
3.Yes of course. They are delicious especially if they are fresh.
4. Apple cider donut without any question. The cinnamon, brown-sugar-topped donuts are the best. There is no comparison in my book, especially if they are still warm.
5.I prefer a long cardigan cause I find them more versatile and easier to layer with and perfect for everyday wear. Plus long…