Thursday, February 28, 2013

January Purchases.

I know today is the last day of February and most of you have either posted or about to post your February Purchases/Clothing Items but give me a break, I have a 5-week old baby at home. Plus, I didn't buy anything in February so posting this now is just fine. I see many bloggers do this and I think it's a great idea. This way - especially those bloggers who have a monthly budget - have sort of a monthly calendar of their purchases where they keep track of how much they spent too and if they went above or below their budget. I haven't given myself a budget, but I am guessing it's anywhere from $100-120 a month. There will be months where I may not buy anything - that I know. Especially since I plan on coming to the States this summer and staying there for 3 months and that is where I plan on splurging the most. So, whatever I buy now, especially before visiting US is something I really fall in love with or need.

Below are the items I purchased in January and what I spent overall. In my budget I am including makeup and perfume as well, however I am not including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face soap or any other necessity like that, because I would have to purchase those when I run out, obviously. A couple of things to keep in mind this year, for me, are: 1) we have a new addition to our family which means more expenses and babies are extremely expensive (diapers alone cost so much) and 2) I am not working this year so our family is depending on my husband's paycheck as well as my Maternity Leave money. I think I have done good so far as I haven't gone over budget the first month and every thing I bought I loved. I also needed more leggings as I plan to wear the heck out of leggings this year, being a brand-new mom. I also could use a couple of new, simple cardigans. I like that the two I picked out were light and they are super comfy too since they are 100% cotton. I was also looking for a pair of Black Ballet Flats. These are nothing special but they are cute and they oncly costed me 5 bucks. I plan on adding a leather pair when I shop in US. Last but not least, the accessories I didn't really need to tell you the truth. God knows I own a ton of scarves and headbands. But I love scarves and I am such a headband girl, especially cute ones with bows, and at such great prices I couldn't resist. Almost everything was purchased at Terra Nova which is a hip, casual European company, sort of like a cross between an Aeropostale or American Eagle with a Forever 21. I also purchased a couple of things at Terra Nova's sister store Calliope. I know both of these stores/brands are sort of younger, but everything I chose is totally age-appropriate for me and I believe that even 40-year-olds can shop at these stores, as long as choosing more basic items and pairing them with other age-appropriate clothing. So, how did I do? You guys are my witnesses to these monthly purchases. I hope I do not go over-board. I don't think I will - not because I am not a shopper (because I truly am) but because I know I will be and have to be responsible and have little money to shop with - so of course that makes it easier to stay on budget.

15 items for $79
Not too shabby, right. Do you like any of the things I added to my closet?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Guest Post - Londyn.

Hi Blogging Friends. Today, gracing My Blog I have Londyn from "Blog Fashion". Not only is she one of My Most Favorite Bloggers that I follow religiously, she is also one of the very first blogs I started reading, back in 2010 when I started reading and discovering Fashion Blogs. Her Blog and Her Style inspired me so much. And seriously, Londyn has a little something to do with me starting my own blog. I found her style so inspiring, I went back a few years back and for a few months I read every single post of hers and saw every single outfit. I love her style so much because she defines Elegance and Sex Appeal to me. She always manages to look both Elegant & Chic as well as Sexy & Sassy. I also love and envy her huge and gorgeous Shoe Collection. She wears heels on a daily basis and looks great doing so. Take it over Londyn!

Mens-Wear Inspired

Hello blog readers!  I’m Londyn and I’m happy to be guest blogging for Elegance Personified.  I’m a busy professional with a love of fashion and a passion for life.  I’m addicted to chocolate, strong coffee, good books, fabulous food and shoes that sing my name!  My break from reality is posting pic and tips on my own fashion blog, BlogFashion.

There are times when finding inspiration to embrace personal style can be challenging. When I find myself in one of these lulls I try to find a specific look to embrace. Maybe I’ll go bold with all brights, possibly I’ll indulge my inner sexy secretary… whatever it is, typically playing up this “character” for a bit helps shake this up and bring the interest back.

Since my typical wardrobe is very feminine, one look I gravitate to from time to time is a more menswear inspired look.

This could be as simple as a vest…
A tweed or linen blazer…
A tie…
A classic suit…
A plaid or pleated skirt…
A fedora or trench coat…
or Audrey Hepburn inspired wide-leg pants…

I hope you find something to inspire you today too!

Thanks Londyn for the Guest Post and for these Fashionable Tips on how to Look Polished and still like a Lady while incorporating some Menswear Inspiration into your looks. Such great Looks, I am having a hard time choosing favorites but ultimately I love all the outfits with the Vests, the Wide-Legged Pants' outfit & the Pencil Skirt with the Suspenders.

Monday, February 25, 2013

First After-Pregnancy Outfit.

Welcome to My First Outfit after Pregnancy, after giving birth to My Baby Doll. I wore this to her second week's Doctor's Appointment, during the day on a Saturday. I felt pretty good that day and the fact that my in-laws and my husband both commented on how skinny (but healthy) and good I looked, made me feel even better. It is a simple outfit and I must say leggings, jeans and skinny pants will be my Best Friends this year, especially during the first months of Vivian's life. They are simple, easy but versatile pieces that are casual yet dressy enough to feel put together. About this outfit, I introduce you to just one of the newest pairs of leggings I got, in a Paisley Print. And I am also wearing one of my Most Favorite Jackets. It is an Olive Color and a Sweatshirt Material yet it is shaped like a Blazer so it is a little dressy. It was a great buy from Armani Exchange.

Off-the-Shoulder, 3/4-Sleeve, Silver, Metallic, Comfortable, Loose, Modern Sweater: Express.
Olive-Green, Sweatshirt-Cotton, Hoodie Blazer: Armani Exchange.
Brown/Beige/Olive Paisley-Print Leggings: Terra Nova (New).
Leather Suede, Slouchy, Gray Boots: Skechers.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week' Best Looks - February 24th 2013.

Welcome to this Week's Installment of Pretty Girls in Great Outfits. =) 

How has your week been? Mine has been busy just like the last 5 weeks with my new baby. Ready for another week of Fabulous Outfits?! This week we have a few Fancy Dresses, a Grandpa Cardigan worn in a Very Girly Way, some Beautiful Pencil Skirts, a couple of Colored Skinny Pants and as usual lots of Polka Dots & Stripes. There are a bunch of Gorgeous Statement Necklaces, too. I especially love Shanna's, Danielle'sLynette's. Our Girls this week have accessorized with Classic, Black Tights. As you can tell a lot of these ladies still had Valentine on their mind, look at all the Red! Mother & Daughter H&K even did a Beautiful Remix of Wearing Red Pieces in Honor of Women's Red Heart Disease Month - a Great Cause. I actually suggested that they remix Red for this great cause and I was truly honored & surprised that they followed my suggestion. So see their Red Looks here.

Also, this week (hopefully tomorrow) I will show you My First Post-Pregnancy Outfit, worn a couple of weeks ago – better late than never. I have a couple more Guest Posts lined up too. I am still looking for more Guests to grace my blog. So if you like to Guest Post for me, holla at me. My E-Mail is I’d love to have you. Thank You.
OK, so enjoy these looks below. There are some great outfits in this roundup. And Happy Sunday!! =)

(From Left to Right, Top to Bottom):
Annie layers a Cozy Grandpa Cardigan by mixing Prints: a Polka Dot Blouse with a Subtle-Plaid Mini. I love her Cognac Booties & Brown Purse. While her necklace is my fave in her collection.
Ashliegh wears this Beautiful, Fancy, Navy Dress to a Sorority Event. The Beige Trim of her Dress matches those Pretty, Pointy Nude Pumps perfectly & I love her hair pulled back.
Kacie wears a Two-Tone Cognac & Blue Faux Leather Mini Skirt with a Loose White & Blue Stripped Tee, a Girly Floral Scarf & Matching (to her Skirt) Cognac Handbag & Deep Blue Suede Pumps. She looks Lovely!
Amy's Valentine's Day Outfit was Fancy, Girly & Pretty, yet Very Polished in Black & Off White. That Fancy Ruffled Tulle Mini Skirt is Beautiful but check out the Multi-Color Sequined Clutch!
Kendra looks All American and Super Girly in a Cute, Stripped, Flirty, Umbrella-Skirted Dress which she layers with a Blue Jean Jacket. She keeps the look Playful with lots of Bangles & Red Converse Shoes.
Tiffany had a Great Week of Outfits, choosing this Beautiful Double-Buttoned Gray Sweater Dress was hard. But I love the Dress: Simple, Classy, Chic. Love it worn simply with Black Pieces.
Kimmie  wears a Simple, Girly, Black & White Stripped Dress, Accessorized with Cute Black Ballet Flats & a Skinny White Belt. She looks just like the Girly Girl she is.
Lorena's Cardigan has an Adorable Print, plus it's Black+White. I love the Dainty Bow Detail too. She accessorized perfectly with Black Ballet Flats, a Pave Ring & a Teddy Bear Bracelet.
Lauren is wearing Maroonish-Purple Skinnies with Classy Black & Beige Cap-Toe Flats, a Motorcycle Leather Jacket & a Statement Leopard Scarf.
Lynette's outfit was difficult to choose because she had so many Elegant Ensembles this week. Ultimately this Red Button-Down with a Pencil Lace Skirt all worn Elegantly with a Black Blazer, a Statement Necklace, Drop Earrings & Black Pumps, won me over.
Shanna has on a Cute Anchor Blouse paired with a Bright Yellow Statement Necklace that pops! With a Red Pencil Skirt & Mustard Suede Wedge Pumps she is All Pretty, All American!
AJ is participating in a Fun Fashion Challenge this month. But to me she challenged us even more by pairing Mustard with Cobalt, while dressing down her Black Ensemble.
Ginny dresses up a simple Brown Jersey Dress with a Cute Pink/Purple Paisley Cardigan, Nude Heels & a Fun Pendant. I like her White, Cozy & Big Handbag.
Aulona has many styles but today she wore a Sophisticated-Sexy Outfit. The Red Blouse with the Colorful Bejeweled Collar is Stunning. Lovely Skirt & Shoes too. And I like her Red Flower Earrings. Also, check out the Pretty Ombre, Gray Coat she topped the outfit with.
Kayla tries on a Stunning Lace, Red Cocktail Dress. She dresses it down with Ballet Flats, Black Tights & a Motorcycle Jacket but keeps the look Girly with her Red Lips. Meanwhile...
Heather tries a Beautiful, Feminine, Multi-Color Chiffon Pleated Dress, topped off with a Cobalt Cardigan and accessorized with Royal Blue Pumps & Matching Belt, plus a Statement Necklace.
Star looked very Ladylike for her Valentine's Date with hubby. The Bow-Tie Taupe Blouse has a retro feel to it. The Girly factor is shown in her Pinkish-Red Pencil Skirt & Pin-Dot Tights, too.
Danielle wears her Fun Stripped Maxi Skirt with a Chambray Shirt Tied in the Front. She accessorizes with a Pretty Statement Necklace & a High Bun.
Lisa's got the American Colors on: a Crisp, Stripped White & Blue Blazer - that definitely makes a Statement with a Checkered Button-Down in the same 2 colors, Red Skinnies, Cognac Pumps & a Beautiful Blue & Red Neck Piece.
Jenna's Skull-Print Blouse is still Soft & Feminine despite its Hard, Edgy Print. Simple, Black Leggings & Nude-Colored Wedge Sandals complete the Simple but Pretty Look.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Guest Post - Lorena.

Hello All. I have another Guest Post today for you, after taking a little break from Guest Posting, not that I meant to just that days go by so fast taking care of a tiny, little baby. =) I hope you all understand. Thank you to all of You who have Guest Posted for me so far. I appreciate it and I thank you for your time, effort, fun posts & good style tips. =) Today, I have one of My Most Favorite Bloggers and Earliest Readers and Fans of my Page, Lorena from "Lorena's Every Day Wear".

Lorena has been a big fan and enthusiast of my page and has followed and supported me from the very beginning. I do envy her job cause she gets to travel around the world, very often. But I also envy not just her style but her closet editing - she is very smart about that. She purges her clothes every month and keeps track both of what she gets rid of and what she purchases - very clever on her part. One thing I love about Lorena is her nails. It is funny because I am NOT a nail person. I would love to be and I envy all of you girls that are. But see, for as long as I can remember I have bitten my nails and this horrible habit hasn't stopped yet. I had no idea Lorena used to bite her nails too. You would never guess. Anyway, Lorena will share with us today many different, fun, cute, stylish & pretty ways she has kept her nails - which I always compliment her on. You will see for yourself why.

I have been reading Ada's blog for over a year and have been able to follow her moves.
First, she literally moved from one continent to another, from the US to her native Albania.
Have watched as she got a job, then moved to a bigger apartment and now how her family grows 
as Ada and her husband welcome a new member of their family.

When Ada posted about needing other bloggers to collaborate with guest posts, while getting
adjusted to a baby in the house, well I thought I'd jump right in.
Ada is always super nice and through her comments you feel like you know her
and is the type of person you can probably sit down for hours with and have a great chat with.

I picked a theme for this post - which is actually - believe it or not: nails.
Ada always compliments my nails.  The funny thing is I use to bite them.
I bit them until my mid twenties and then I just decided that it had to stop.

I love doing my nails and make an effort to paint them at least once a week.
I do it at the salon when it's a more artsy thing going on or just paint them myself.

I get ideas from other blogs, magazines or just when I pick up a new varnish :)
There's always an excuse to get my nails done.

They pick you up instantly and better your mood.
It's not a very expensive way to pamper yourself.
It's "you" time.

Here are a few ways, that are quite simple, that you can try out:

Polka Dots:

Gold Crackle:


Two Tone:

Colorful Two - Tone:

Bright and Sunny:

Trendy Colors:

Subtle Designs:

Thank you for the fun and colorful post, Lorena. I love how you have taken inspiration from your favorite magazines and painted your nails. You have done a beautiful job. You NAILED IT every time, Literally!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Baby Story - the Birth & One-Month Update.

A Month ago today, a Beautiful Little Angel, a Sweet Little Princess, a Bright Little Star, an Adorable Little Human Being was born into this world. On January 19th 2013 my life changed - the biggest change ever. I even got a new added title as a bonus, I became a Mother. The name MOM sounds so beautiful and I cannot wait till she grows up and starts calling me that. Well in Albanian is actually Mami (pronounced just like Mommy).

I have been meaning to write about her birth, but having a newborn baby at home, doesn't give you much time for anything, really. However better a little late than never. Since today is the 19th, it is THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to tell you about how she came to life. =) So, this is going to be a long post so bear with me and thanks to all of you for reading.

I woke up on January 18th around 8.30 AM. Of course being pregnant, you have to lay down on your side. I was feeling sort of a weird little pain on my lower stomach. When I stood up and went to the bathroom doing my morning routine, I realized the pain was a little bigger when standing so I decided to go back to bed. I had a doctor's appointment with my OBGYN that day. I was supposed to call my doctor (who would deliver my baby) after I got the test results of my last tests and blood work to do, before giving birth. Well, since I wasn't feeling too well, My Mother-in-Law picked up the results and I called the doctor to let her know I wasn't feeling very well so we would post-pone our appointment. Since the doctor was off for the weekend, we decided to meet on the following Monday. Around noon I woke up feeling better, but as soon as I left my bed, I felt like I peed in my pants a little bit. I went to the restroom and I didn't make anything out of it. I figured I really had to go, so my body couldn't wait. Then I proceeded doing some house-work around the house, a little bit of Facebooking and then I ate a soup for lunch. But every time I would stand up from sitting down, I felt wet. A part of me started to doubt that maybe my water had broken. It was very little water at first and this being my first pregnancy, I didn't have any experience as to what exactly I should feel but I was definitely doubtful. Thank God my husband left work on time that day so by 5.30 PM he was home. By that time, I was pretty certain that my water had broken so I told my husband what I was feeling. He really didn't think I would be going into Labor soon but my instincts told me otherwise. Next I call my Mother-in-Law who lives next door. She was taking a nap but she woke up right away and came over with my Sister-in-Law.

My next call was to my doctor. She had just gotten home after work and was having dinner. I explained to her what was going on, I told her I wasn't panicking but that I definitely thought it was time. She told me to get ready and head over to the hospital. Meanwhile she would call the two delivery doctors that were currently there and let them know I was coming and what my situation was. Meanwhile, I took a shower, shaved, got clean and got dressed and by then the water situation had definitely increased, so I was even more certain that my water had broken. I was calm though and barely felt any pain. I hadn't made ready my hospital bag/luggage though. I had set aside pretty much everything I would take to the hospital but hadn't put them on my luggage yet. I had made ready the baby's bag though with all the clothes and other necessities. My in-laws helped get my luggage ready, while my husband I could tell was a little bit nervous yet a little happy at the same time. We left home around 6.45 PM. It was my husband and I, my Mother-in-Law & my Sister-in-Law. We arrived at the hospital around 7.00 PM and met the doctor who was there and would be there overnight. My own doctor had told him I was heading there so he knew about the situation. Right away he checks me out and yes I was right, my water had broken. My contractions were very very little at the time and I had only dilated about 1.5 cm. But he said they would admit me to the hospital because it was a matter of hours before the baby would come. So, they took me in. They took me to a pre-birthing room where they would monitor my contractions, check my belly time after time and check on me often. I was still quite calm and barely in any pain. After 90 minutes or so I asked if I could walk around for a little bit and stay by my family who were waiting in the waiting hall. Unfortunately, no one is allowed in the pre-birth or birth-room when a woman gives birth, in Albania. So I spent a little bit of time with them in the hall and I asked the doctor if I could eat something since I was real hungry and he said a soup would be fine, so my husband ordered me some soup and some juice which was delivered there. By this time I had spoken to my own doctor on the phone too and she said that when I would get closer to delivery time, she would come and deliver my baby. Either that or I could deliver with any of the two other excellent doctors that were working there that evening. It was basically my choice.

An hour after spending time with my family, in the waiting hall, I went back in and by then my contractions started becoming quicker and more painful, still bearable though. It was only like that for 45 minutes tops. Around 11.30 PM, I started having real quick and real painful contractions. They were definitely coming by fast and faster and I couldn't help but yell and scream - the yelling made them a little less painful for me, I guess. I bet I am not the first one to scream during labor pain. They kept checking on me and they were telling me that the baby was READY TO COME OUT at any given moment and that my contractions were the type of heavy ones you get towards the last hour before delivery. But I hadn't dilated much so that was a problem. It would take hours for me to get to 8cm let alone 10cm. The doctor said they could cut me open a little bit, do a little episectomy on me, so that I could give birth soon and not continue with the heavy labor and fast, painful contractions. Well they convinced me. I was then moved to the Birth Room and placed on the Birthing Bed. The contractions were still heavy and so painful, but I became very brave and after 5 very hard and sper-pianful pushes her little hairy head popped out. I gave birth to our little Vivian around 3.35 AM on January 19th 2013, exactly a month ago. Then, they placed her in a little bed right next to mine. Though she was all dirty and wet, she was still beautiful and perfect. I kept telling myself out loud she was beaituful. I will not forget the moment when one of the delivery nurses, took my left hand and met it with my girl's right hand and tied matching number bracelets to both of us. My girl took my index finger and grabbed it tight around her little hand and didn't let go till they put her on my chest so she could feel me, smell me and I could breast-fed her. Our hands meeting was our first bonding moment. Vivian being put on top of my chest, was our second bonding moment. Then on the 20th we got home, being welcomed to a warm home, a Welcome cake, flowers and balloons, and lots of love all around.

Fast forward 2 weeks later and one evening I had real high fever that got even higher as time went by. It was scary and I wasn't feeling good at all. My Mother-in-Law had to take care of the baby during those hours. The fever wasn't getting any better and I was super cold. So late that evening, around 11.30 PM they took me to the emergency room of the hospital I gave birth in. I had some Post-Pregnancy complications which took both me and sweet little Vivian to the hospital, for 4 nights. That was the last place I would expect to be again in such a short time but it was definitely necessary. 12 Iv's, 4 shots, some pain-killers, some blood exams, 2 ultra-sounds and several pills later (some of which I continued to take when I got home, for over a week) and we were both home and I was back to feeling good. Hopefully all is well now. I will go for a check in a couple of weeks or so. Meanwhile, they checked my little baby girl during our hospital stay too and she was doing real well. Unfortunately due to my antibiotics, it messed up her system a little bit so the 3-4 days after we got home from my second stay at the hospital, it was tough on the baby. She slept very little and was fussy all the time, poor girl. But a sick mamma cannot take care of a baby, so the antibiotics were good for both of us in the long run.

Well, today she is exactly one month old and she is doing so well. She has gained about 2 lbs or 900 grams since she was born and she now measures 4 cm taller. She stays awake a lot through the day but isn't always crying. However she loves it when her mommy is there, or if she has someone to hold her. She loves being breastfed pretty much all day any day, as long as she is not sleeping. We started her Vitamin D a few days ago too, and she seems to enjoy it since it has a sweet fruit taste. She has also started to show a little bit of personality. She makes all kinds of faces and pulls her tongue out especially when she is happy. She has even started to smile. I have found her smiling so many times, when she is asleep. Maybe she is seeing a happy dream, I don't know. She kicks and puts her legs up when I am changing her diaper and looks happy usually when I change her. She also loves it when I wash her from the waist down. She likes the warm water & moving her little feet in there. However she is scared of baths and so far it takes two people to give her a bath because she also reaches out her little hands so she can hold on to someone. It is sweet but makes me sad at the same time because she cries a lot when we give her a bath. She doesn't like it so much when we dress her either. She hates it when we grab her little hands to fit her into the sleeves. But then after the bath and getting dressed she becomes calmer and usually I breastfeed her a little bit around that time, too. Being by her mom's chest and sucking on it is definitely her comfort time too, her safety net, besides being her meal. No matter what and despite keeping me occupied (with her) almost all day and all night, she is worth it 1000%. She is worth all my time, all my dedication, all my sleepless nights, all the times I miss a meal, everything. Ohhh and I am thankful to her (and to my second hospital stay I guess) to losing all of my Pregnancy Weight within 4 weeks. On Saturday I weighed myself and I weigh the same as before getting pregnant, even-though my boobs have gotten bigger. Everyone that has seen me is so impressed by how little I am. I can still fit into my Size 2 Skinny Jeans. I guess a brand-new baby does that to you.

So Happy Birthday My Sweet, Beautiful, Precious Girl!! Happy 1st month of your life!! May you continue to grow stronger, prettier, happier, healthier each day!! Your Dad and I love you with all of our hearts. You are OUR WORLD!! God Bless You Vivian!!

P.S. I promise the next Baby Post will include several photos of hers. I know a lot of you have been waiting in anticipation and Thank You for waiting. Pics are coming soon - I promise. =)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week's Best Looks: February 17th 2013.

This week, a lot of Your Beautiful Looks featured Colors of Love - Reds & Pinks, as well as symbols of Love - Hearts, Love Logos, etc. I also concentrated this week on My Favorite Valentine's Day Looks so that's what you will see. You will even see featured the same Pink-Heart Sweater styled by two different Fashionistas. As far as trends go, Peplum was big this week. You will see two Black Peplum tops worn stylishly by two of My Favorite Bloggers: Heather and Samantha. As usual there are a couple of new faces in the mix. =) This week, all you ladies Certainly Dressed to Impress. I could have easily featured 25-30 Favorite Looks. It was by far one of the hardest weeks to make decisions as to 'who would make my list'. So, I am making it short & sweet this time since you also know I have a baby who can wake up at any given second. =)

Without further ado, here are This Week's Lovely Looks:

(From Left to Right, Top to Bottom):
Lynette is not a fan of Cardigans but she looks Polished yet Simple in this Raspberry Red one paired with an Oxford Pinstripped Button-Down, Jeans & Chic White Bag. The Coral Statement Necklace & Nude Pumps definitely dress it up. She also wore a Red Lace Dress this week, check it out!
Jessica - a new Redhead, looked Red Hot in her Dressy Valentine Outfit made up of a Pink Sweater, Gold Sequined Mini, Sexy Pointy Red Pumps & a Notice-Me Leopard Clutch. She also wore the same sweater in another Valentine Ensemble here.
Ginny is Spring-Ready in this Red Skirt with bare legs. As always I love Red paired with Turquoise, and Stripes paired with Leopard - like she did here. She had such a Great Week of outfits it was super hard choosing this one to feature. I also loved this Purple "Love" Sweater Look.
Ashley is new to My Week's Best List(s). She is a Cute Blonde wearing a Cute Casual Valentine's Day Outfit. She wears her Gray Sweatshirt featuring a Pink Heart with a Chambray Button-Down, Skinny Black Jeans & Cognac Boots - 3 very versatile Clothing items that each woman should have!
Kacie also had a Great Week of Fabulous Outfits (as usual) but I chose her "Cupid Look" to feature cause I loved it head to toe. A Sequined "Love" Tee that speaks to my heart, worn so Elegantly with a Black+White Stripped Blazer, Blue Jeans, Light Blush/Ivory Scarf & Always-Classy Black Pumps.
Brooke is another new fashionista to me. She wore this outfit to the first day of New York's Fashion Week and it was definitely very Valentine-Inspired in Red & Fuchsia. Love the Stunning, Long, Unique, Fun Gold Necklace. The whole look is toughened up a bit with that Black Leather Jacket.
Shanna wore Skinny Camo Pants with a Dressy, Classy Black Blazer, dressed around a Simple White Tee with a Stunning Statement Necklace & Beautiful Black Heels. However this Red Blazer with Black+White splashes of Stripes & Dalmations is more Valentine-like so check it out, too.
Lindsey paired Coral, Red & Burgundy in a Dressy, Chic & Elegant, Layered way. Love her Blazer. Clutch & Shades. She was also another girl who had a fantastic week of outfits so check her out!
Lisa honors Valentine's Day in Sugary Pinks (Sweater & Clutch), a Girly, A-Line, Leopard Skirt & Touches of Red Patent Leather (Belt & Pumps) all Dressed Up with Gold-Tone Jewels.
Danielle wears Oxblood Polka Dot Pants mixing them with another Pattern - a Cute, Colorful Paisley Scarf all done with a Simple Black Sweater. She also had a Fabulous Week of Outfits & Stunning Engagement Photos so Check Her Blog Out!
Heather wears a Very Bright Fuchsia Pencil Skirt layered properly with a Polka-Dot Button Down Shirt under a Short-Sleeve Black Peplum Top. Patent Leather Oxford Booties & Classic Black Tights complete her Sophisticated Look.
Annie also wore a Pink Heart-Printed Tee, toughened it up a little bit with a Utilitarian Olive Green Jacket but kept it Girly with Nude Pumps, a Hot Pink Purse & Fun Statement Bracelet.
Sam is wearing Crisp & Elegant Tuxedo-Style White & Black Pants with a Black Peplum Top & lots of Colorful Beads around her neck in honor of Mardi Gras. Love her Sexy Black Pumps.
Tunde had a Real Girly, Very Pretty Valentine's Day Outfit this week, however I chose to feature this Flyaway, Colorful Aztec Cardigan Outfit instead - Casual, Cool, Trendy & Fun for a New Mom!
Amy's Pretty Pink Sweater is definitely Valentine-appropriate, it has a French Greeting after all and it makes one want to stroll and kiss underneath the Eiffel Towel. Her Black Pumps are Stunning!
Kate is on a roll, being featured here 3 times in a row. I love this Classic Red Sheath, layered with a Polka Dot Shirt Underneath & all wrapped under a Skinny Bow Belt. But this Red Skirt/Black Blouse Look is also great for work or a date on Valentine's.

P.S. I told you Ladies I had such a hard time selecting Favorites this week so some of you get a second, special shot-out here, check it out above!!

P.P.S. In Honor of the Week of Love, I am also typing in Red & Pink this time around.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Guest Post - Jess.

Happy Friday you All. I am back with another Guest Post today. I have Jess from "J's Style" taking over my blog today. I discovered her blog a couple of months ago and I could really relate to her style and her elegance so I made an effort to read every post from the very beggining. Jess is not only a great dresser, she is a smart shopper too. You would never guess how much an item she has on costed, unless she points it out to you. So there you have her. =)

Hi everyone! My name is Jess and I blog over at J's Style. I certainly can appreciate quality, timeless items of clothing, but unfortunately for me, my budget rarely (if ever!) allows for the those types of purchases. I love thrifting, but also don't have the skills to have a closet based solely on those finds, so on my blog you'll find outfits made up of thrifted items combined with some less expensive brand new items (usually found on the clearance racks!).  Just for fun, I wanted to show you looks for under $50 total that highlight those combinations for three different occasions: one for the weekend, one for work, and one for a special occasion. 

sweater & dress: thrifted
leggings: Target
boots: Clothes Mentor
vest, shirt, bracelet: thrifted
pants: New York & Co. (clearance)
shoes: Target (clearance)
necklaces: Walmart
sweater & dress: thrifted (brand new Target items)
bracelet: thrifted
shoes: Target clearance
So how do you manage to build a wardrobe with options that works with your budget? I'd love to hear! Thanks to Ada for having me while she squeezes in as much time with her precious baby girl as possible. :) 
WOW Jess that is so impressive!! I gotta appreciate a girl who has style for miles yet can be so budget-friendly. I love both of your vests. My favorite outfit is the last one though, the one that costed the least but you look like a Million Bucks in it. Looks great for work or a Special Occasion like Valentine's Day. Thanks for the Guest Post, Girl. =)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Guest Post - Ashliegh.

Hi Guys. Today Ashliegh from "The Darling Prepster" will be taking over, while I take some time to sleep, relax and spend all the time necessary that Vivian needs me. We both feel better, thank you to all the ones that wrote and were concerned. I plan on writing more about this over the weekend. But for now here is Ashliegh - a cute College Student on a Budget, but always looking Preppy & Girly at the same time. =)

Well hey there! My name is Ashliegh and I blog at the Darling Prepster! I'm a college student in what is currently the frozen tundra that is Ohio! Today I'm going to give you some tips and tricks for winterizing your wardrobe!

1. Summer Skirts - Pair your floral, colorful, and flowy summer skirts with a sweater and tights to keep you warm and cozy in the winter months.

2. Bodycon Dress - Throw a sweater over your bodycon dresses for instant warmth!

3. This layering combo will save you from frostbite - button up, sweater, statement necklace. 

4. Blazers. Seriously, these babies are wonderful no matter the season! 

Feel free to stop by the Darling Prepster and say "Hi!" Thanks so much, Ada, for the opportunity to guest post! Hope you and baby Vivian are doing well!

With Love,
Thanks a lot Ashliegh. I especially love the idea of Bodycon Dresses. Very Creative way to winterize them. And I think Blazers are great any time, any season!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week's Best Looks: February 10th 2013.

This week's installment shows us a few Stylish Teachers. The looks this week include lots of skirts; a couple of Flouncy Skirts, a Mini Skirt, a couple of Black & White Pencil Skirts. I love skirts so they always attract me for sure. We got a LBD as well as a Gorgeous Tomato-Red Dress in the mix. We got Stripes & Polka Dots as usual, mixing of Prints and mixing of Colors, a couple of Girly, Dressy Clutches, some Pretty Statement Necklaces, too. We even got some scarves this week and a few fun ways to wear them. =) Enjoy!

 (From Left to Right, Top to Bottom):
Lauren starts us off in a Head-to-Toe Beautiful & Elegant Black Outfit with Speckles of Silver on the Cuffs of her Top, Statement Necklace, Clutch & Studs on the Pumps.
Whitney wears an Intricate Floral-Dotted Pencil Skirt with a Stripped Tee keeping her Outfit mostly White with Splashes of Black. She is one very Stylish Teacher, with her off-the-side Ponytail, also.
Lynne rediscovered this LBD in her closet and simply but elegantly paired it with other Black pieces as well as a pair of Textured Gray Tights. She turned 50 this past week but looks at least 10 years younger. Happy Birthday Lynne!!
Inge doubled her dots this week, wearing a Navy Polka Dot Shell paired with a Beautiful Lavender Cardigan which has a Ruffled Polka Dot Collar all over the front. Love her Square-Faced Watch.
Heather refashioned an Ill-Fitted Dress into one Beautiful, Flouncy Skirt. I love the Floral Print. I like how she added more colors to the outfit: Mustard Cardigan, Cognac Boots.
Sharon mixes a Plaid Button-Down with a Stripped Pullover, Skinny Indigo Jeans, Silver Flats & a Gorgeous Fuchsia Statement Necklace to dress it all up.
Alison proves that you can wear White Jeans after Labor Day. She makes hers Winter-appropriate with those Taupe Boots, but her Coral Polka Dot Blouse while Feminine is also Springy.
Ginny has on a Dressy Metallic Mini Skirt with a Black Blazer, Beautiful Black Necklace & a Sand-Gold Clutch which I adore.
Kate has on a Stunning Red & White Stripped, Zig-Zag Skirt. She made the look a little Preppy with a Teal Sweater & Button-Down Top. She is another Stylish Teacher this week.
 Megan wears her simple but cute Corduroy Skirt with Fun, Patterned Tights & a Casually-Cute Gray Scarf - which I love how she tied, all worn simply with a Black T-Shirt.
Natalie manages to put on a Khaki Safari Blazer & an Olive Safari Blazer in a Casual Layered Outfit. She shows her Girly side with a Beautiful, Colorful, Tribal Necklace which definitely stands out!
Alice wears another Beautiful Black+White Outfit with her Polka Dot Sweater & Lace Pencil Skirt which I love. She adds some color with her Turquoise Necklace & Stiletto Pumps.
Lisa wears a Gorgeous Hot Pink, Girly Skirt paired with a Stripped Blazer & Stunning Python Pumps. But it is her Leaf Ombre Scarf & Hot Pink Matching Clutch what I like the most in styling this outfit.
Londyn's 1st Look this week is this Bold, Powerful yet Sexy Black Suit with a Stunning Animal-Print Shell underneath, adding an Element of Fun & Girly with those Dangly, Red Earrings.
Londyn's 2nd Look is both Sweet & Sassy how she titled it. I would say this Girly, Ruffly, Tomato Red Dress is also Saucy & Sexy while being 100% Girly & Fun. Love the shoes paired with it.
Star pairs two different shades of Mint (top & bottom) and some Navy, with a Beautiful Lavender Scarf & Some Bright, Fun Accessories - Earrings & Bracelets. Casually Colorful she is!