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Lavender Girly.

Hello and Happy Saturday to you girls. Not such a happy Saturday for me. =( I am exhausted, don't feel so well and the bad part about it is that I am pulling a 14-hour day today at work. This week has been hot, however this weekend is hotter. 90 degrees at the very end of September, Yikes!! Like I have repeatedly stated before while blogging, I have gotten sick so much over this summer because of the extreme heat. So when the temperatures increase several degrees, it immediately affects my system, especially my blood pressure and the level of sugar in my blood. This makes me weak, fatigued, causes me severe, day-long headaches, etc. It is no fun. That's what I had to deal with yesterday. =(

Today's outfit is a cute, breezy, cotton, one-shoulder dress in a light cotton, I wore during a day off while out for dinner with my husband. I love the shape and lavender color of the dress. I kind of went picture-crazy that day, mostly because my camera was not cooperating that day an…